Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?


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I just wanted to tell everyone that I retook the exam on June 20th and passed!

Congratulations Chris!

You don't really get your score or a performance breakdown of the subject areas tested when you pass, right? That would have been nice to review as well. I know we can learn from our failures, but who's to say we can't learn from our successes as well?

I hope the certification has served you well in your career :)


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I just wanted to bump this topic as I did not see a lot of current information on the internet about the ANCC NI certification exam. I took the certification test today and failed with a score of 331 (needed the 350). I talked to a former colleague that passed to see how he prepared and he said he didn't study, just went in and took the test and passed (he has an informatics background). With that being said, I assumed that it wouldn't be that difficult, but it was. I do not have an informatics background, only nursing. But I did graduate from an informatics MSN program (with A's). To prepare, I read the whole ANA nursing informatics scope & standards of practice. I also purchased the 200 ANA practice questions. From those, I spent a lot of time reviewing all the correct practice test answers and rationales and looked through my MSN textbooks to gather information all around that topic to study from. Most of my textbooks were on the ANCC exam reference list. I also used the Test Content Outline (from ANCC) to try and make sure I covered all topics. Although I felt like the ANA practice test questions set up the type of questions they ask on the certification well, there was still a lot of information that I did not end up studying. My take away from this is to use one of the study guide review books or review course (but courses I have found online seem to run about $400, yikes!). I do plan to retake the exam again. I hope this can help anyone getting ready for the exam.



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If say maybe work for awhile as an informatics nurse then take it... I'm not certified I plan eventually to do it but at this point I want to get a firm grasp on informatics and my role.... Sorry I'm not more help :/