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Failed AANP boards...

Anyone fail NP boards on the first try?

  1. 1. Anyone fail NP boards on the first try?

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After studying for months for approximately 14 hours per day, I failed the AANP boards. I feel so defeated... I'm not sure where to start again. Feeling like I'm the only person ever to fail. The sad part is that I felt confident that I knew the material... Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I purchased the Margaret Fitzgerald MP3 review which I thought was beneficial (while studying). I also did several practice questions from APEA and AANP.

I must complete CEs before I'm able to re-test. However, I don't want to wait to long before re-testing... So, I'll be taking the live APEA review within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, this will help.

Anyone else fail NP boards?

I'm open to all suggestions and or test taking tips and strategies.

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So sorry to hear this. I take mine next week. I have the Hollier review MP3, live Fitzgerald and am taking practice exams on APEA and BoardVitals. Was the exam not similar to your review content or do you think you just stressed out? Keep at it, you will get there!

While taking the exam I was confident... There were a about 20 things that I had never heard of... So I marked those questions and went back and answered them... I used the MP3 Fitgerald review a friend of mine took the APEA and said she liked it. So I'm going to try that and go back at it.

I do feel after taking my exam there were

some things that I should've studied more on my own... I went directly off of Fitzgerald's MP3 and the guide that came with it. I also did the online resources offered with the MP3. I may consider also taking a test taking skills class, it can only help. In addition to the additional review I'll be doing in a couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted.

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took fitzerald review, not much help, now confused as to when to schedule for my exam

I'm just beginning my studying (just passed my schools Comps course)... How many practice questions did you take? I find it much easier and more efficient answering questions then reviewing books over and over. Especially reviewing the questions that you got wrong.

How about switching to the ANCC?


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