fail a Nursing program again?


I don't known what can I do now. 2 years ago I fail a nursing program in Farmingdale university. According with my professor I infected a syringe and I fail clinic in my second semester of nursing. I applied to different universities but I get the same answer "I can not do nursing again because I fail ones". Stated year 2009 I was accepted to another private school with out give them my transcript from farmingdale. I did Spring, summer and fall (6 classes) 2 days before the last day of school I recived a letter asked me for those transcrit. I sumit them and I waiting for the final answer. I write a letter for the Dean of School of Nursing, to the Director, University Admissions, and for Chiarperson of Academic affairs committee. What else I can do now?:confused:

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Sounds like you were dishonest and you got caught. Now all you can do is wait and see what they say.

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Yeah I wouldn't have tried to hide it from them. When you applied, did they state you needed to be in good standing at your other school?


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I'm sorry for being blunt, but you are having trouble putting legible sentences together. You truly need to take some English writing classes before you move into this profession. If someone cannot read what you chart it can very well kill someone. I'm not trying to be mean or rude. I am trying to save you the burden of having a death or serious injury on your conscience.

Best of Luck with your education.


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Well you shouldn't've hide your transcript from the school. I'm not even sure how you can appeal it...

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First, I am surprised to hear that no school would consider accepting you after failing a program. I know of a few students, who after failing in one program, were accepted into another program. Generally, a college or university will require transcripts from ALL previously attended post-secondary schools. I am sure they have that requirement listed somewhere on school documents that were given to you or perhaps on the school’s application.

Here are my thoughts:

# 1: Did you list the previously attended school on your application? If no, then you falsified your application. If you think getting into nursing school has been difficult because of failing a course, try getting in with a dismissal on your record. If you did list the school, but did not request your transcripts, then I find fault with the school. Although your actions were still teetering on an ethical line, the school should have extended to you a conditional acceptance pending transcripts.

#2: Can you understand their reluctance? I am sure the school feels betrayed and rightfully so. Don’t forget that you are working under your clinical instructors nursing license. There MUST be a mutual trust in that type of relationship. How do you suppose your clinical instructor will feel knowing you made a false statement, or depending on your actions, teetering an ethical line? Honestly, I am not sure if I would be willing to accept you back in my clinical group. I have to know that you are correctly documenting and providing the care you claim to be giving to your patience.

Listen; if things don’t work out at your school, then I would strongly encourage you to rethink your strategy. This time, prepare to sell yourself to schools but do so honestly. People make mistakes, but you have to prove that you learned from them. Crossing an ethical line is not the way to do it. Doing so is a direct reflection of your character. Also, be prepared to work much harder than others in getting accepted into your next program.

Good luck.