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Fact Checking Galen

BunnyBunnyBSNRN specializes in School Nursing, Ambulatory Care, etc..

Good Morning!

I am doing some fact checking on information a family member is giving. If you are accepted to the Galen LPN program, and successfully pass the NCLEX-PN, are you "automatically" accepted to either the LPN-ADN or BSN program at Galen in San Antonio?

Full disclosure, I am a BSN with > 10 years under my belt - I am not looking for information for myself, but am trying to make sure that either 1) this family member was given good info OR 2) this family member is making it up (as I suspect she is since the "automatic acceptance" rings false to me).

Thank you for your help!

DrTomTom specializes in ER, ICU and Education.

No, you are not automatically moved over to the RN program. You must apply like everyone else, but you are given preference and most everyone does get in after passing their NCLEX-PN. The ones who don't get in are the ones who are unsuccessful on their NCLEX. Actually, you can enter right away, but have to have your LVN license before the 2nd class is taken. All of our programs at every campus in every state we operate has a pass rate of 91% or greater. In SA our LVN pass rate had been 100% for some time now and last I heard, our RN was 94%. We are the 3rd largest producer of nurses in the US and we just partnered with HCA, the number 1 employer of nurses in the US.


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