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I am wondering peoples thoughts on this... While recently looking at local nursing jobs I came across one that seems like a great opportunity but being unfamiliar with the company i started looking online for reviews etc. It seems that they are hiring for everything from DON to CNA to kitchen staff and so on. It is not a new facility but just underwent a massive remodel and i mean MASSIVE! I'm looking at this 2 ways. 1. New managment? 2. Really crappy place to work and no one stays. It actually got decent reviews recently but last year and beyond not so much which leads me to think they got rid of the riff raff(?) I am an LPN with over 20 yrs experience and was looking at the ADON position but noticed they are also looking for a DON which makes me nervous since i have floor and supervisory experience but none as an ADON. Any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated! Maybe i should add its an assisted living facility and my experience is ltc.

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Beware of ALFs. They are almost always run by so-called "senior living" companies which are interested only in making money off the residents while simultaneously cutting back on staff and paying lousy wages. Also look very closely at the terms of employment; if they're offering a sign-on bonus, they're probably not a place where you want to work. Plus, if they've recently hired a new administrator, it's a safe bet that the state survey team will visit in short order.

The staff turnover in ALFs is very high for a reason. I can't recommend it. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.


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Thanks so much for your response. I wish there was a way to get more "inside info" on the place. I'd rather not waste their time or mine going for an interview. Ive done bedside nursing for so long and i keep looking for other opportunities/types of nursing but being an LPN where i live is proving to be a disadvantage. My 20 yrs experience doesn't matter because im not an RN and i have no desire to go back to school at this point in my life but i may end up with no choice seeing i have about 30 years left in my work life.


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Whenever I saw recruitment as widespread as you say, it usually told me that that was a facility in CRISIS! Some things don't get published but are known to the INSIDE folk associated with the place.

It could be they had a recent state survey, and got dinged really badly. Also, new Admin takeover freq does the 'out with the old, in with the new' broom trick. Then, on the other hand, they could be looking to really improve the place with new staff.

PP Viva offer very wise first hand knowledge re ALFs. ALFs function with much more broad rules & regulations. The facility is supposed to be geared to a more independent population, but ... the population served is freq more like a nsg home. Residents are sicker and needing more assist in ADLs to manage.

Staffing, particularly nsg, is very different. Less 'licensed' staff and more unlicensed, uncertified aides. And ALF Admin strives to keep the census up to capacity (nobody gets paid for empty beds).

So therein lies the problem.

Go for the interview. Read up about ALFs.

As for furthering RN education, if you're planning to 'hang in there' for many more years , you really don't have many options with the RN (and hate to say it, BSN).

Good luck.