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The “fine facility” that I work at made receiving a vaccination difficult. Long story. It was easier to go to a pharmacy to receive it. the pharmacy stated I would need to call the week before the 2nd dose was due to see if they had any and then call around or go to my facility to receive the second dose. I received the Moderna vaccine. I am the only one in my department that missed the first dose of Pfizer (they didn’t offer another time to go an get this dose at our facility until they offered the same group of employees their second dose. I had to schedule at another facility, at least 30 minutes away when they did finally have it I couldn’t leave work to go get it)

anyhoo, my facility has decided since they didn’t give me the first dose they can refuse to give the second dose...can they do this? the government is the one through the states supplying this vaccine, to deny a person that wants it seems wrong. And if I can’t find a dose at that time, one of my coworkers suggested just go ahead and sign up for my first dose and don’t tell them it’s my second. Carry both vaccinations cards to show I had both doses.  Very frustrating when you feel your employer cares very little about you or the patients you care for.


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Is it more an issue of them not wanting your second dose to be a different formulation? (If I understand you correctly, they are giving out Pfizer, you got Moderna.) I don't believe that "mixing" formulations is recommended...


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Whoops,  I should have clarified. The fist roll out was Pfizer, the one the rest of the office received. The other facility has both and the ability to schedule either the first dose of Pfizer or mederna and/or the second dose of either. They also have separate locations at which their given.

The card given states the specific vaccine you received so I don’t think that is an issue.

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Odd the facility where I work (small in-patient psych) got enough doses to cover both the first and 2nd doses for each person interested. Could it be that they didn't order doses for you for some reason. You really shouldn't plan on taking the second dose while you are working as for some people the 2nd dose has a higher risk of side effects. I got my first dose in January and all I experienced was a sore arm. On the second dose I received yesterday about an hour after I started feeling like I was run over by a MACK Truck. In any case whoever gave you the 1st shot should be holding a 2 nd shot for you.