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Eyeglass Help Besides Lions Club?


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Long story short we can't get any more vouchers from the Lions Club vision assistance program this school year. I still have several kids who are going to need assistance getting eyeglasses. What other resources do you use? I'm currently looking into a program offered by the United Way agency Eyeglasses for the Needy and one called Eyes of Hope via VSP. Any other ideas would be much appreciated!!!

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It still costs money, of course, but I order low cost glasses for students from Glasses – Glasses Online – Prescription Glasses | Zenni Optical. My school covers the cost for families in need, but the most expensive pair I've ordered (including shipping) was about $86 and that was a dozy of a prescription. Ship time is about 1 week or so, depending on what option you pick. They ship from China (I know, I know...) in the most simple label-free packaging.

If you are a NASN member they will send you 25 certificates for free glasses and exams! Check out the website - it's under VSP Sight for Students.

If you are a member of NASN - you can request up 25 VSP vouchers for free exam, lenses and frames. Check with your county health department to see if they offer any type of program for low income exams - in the Dallas area usually once a year they host an low cost event for those needing eye exams and glasses - I can't remember the name of the program off the top of my head right now though.