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Extra income

by eacu eacu Member

Hello all,

Newish nurse here, less than a year experience, was wondering what some nurses do for extra income. I have been doing OT, and waiting to hit my year mark for per diem. I tried Home health but the time in was not worth the money out. Thank you for your replies.

llg, PhD, RN

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You'll probably make more money per hour working overtime than any other job you could get elsewhere. So you have to ask yourself what your priorities are. If it's the money, then the overtime is probably your best option. But if spending too many hours at your primary workplace causes you too much stress, you may choose to make less money by looking elsewhere -- such as agency work, or even get a little non-nursing gig with flexible hours on the side.

Mavrick, BSN, RN

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Hello all,

Newish nurse here

Hey eacu,

Update your profile and be proud of that RN!

I work two jobs, full time at a hospital and contingent in a nursing home. The nursing home pays less but it's also less stressful. Many long term facilities have a hard time finding nurses because most would rather make more at a hospital. The good ones are willing to let you be flexible with your schedule

FurBabyMom, MSN, RN

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I just work overtime at my current job. Time and a half, plus shift differentials, not bad. Add call pay, even better. Add critical staffing pay right now? Quite a nice chunk of chump change.

I looked at a PRN job with another hospital. They failed to contact me. Oh well. Darn.