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so i just wanted to share my good news!!! i applied for an externship at the hospital that i am a tech for...there are 20 spots and they interviewed 60 students so i really thought my chances were slim ESPECIALLY since i chose the NICU ( a popular area for externs) and critical care areas for the unit to work on... and while my grades are good, i do not make straight A's. on top of it all, i thought my interview could have went a lot better.

well i got a phone call yesterday to say that I GOT IT!!!!! :) and not only did i get the externship but i got it in the NICU which was my #1 choice and my dream!!!!!! i am still in shock..i can't believe this summer i will be spending 10 weeks with a nurse working in the NICU. i am beyond thrilled :D and i get paid, which is a definite bonus because i would have accepted the position without pay because it means THAT much to me. i feel like all the hard work i have put in is FINALLY paying off..i am doing well in school and now i am getting my foot in the door in the NICU. i can only hope this experience goes well and maybe they will offer me a tech or an RN position at the end (ahhh!! fingers crossed!!!!)



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Congrats! I too got the externship that I applied for and have been working for the last 3 weeks! It's been such a great learning experience!

Congrats again! I'm sure you will do great!

Congrats, what an awesome story!!!!!! Sounds like you worked hard for it!!!!!!!

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What a wonderful opportunity! Congratulations!


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That's great!!! I missed applying for an externship by 1 stinking day! The night befoer the deadline I looked online and seen that I had to have some instructor references and that left me with not time to do so :-( HAPPY for you though! Congrats!!


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thanks everyone :) i don't think it will feel real until the first day i step in the NICU!

and exit96- so sorry you missed the deadline! schools really should advertise the programs more to students because i know a lot of people missed out