Expired to applying RN license after passing NCLEX

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I graduated my nursing school Spring 2020, took my NCLEX on following September and passed. Honestly, all of the pandemic I was scared to work and also I had so many family& personal issues so didn’t do anything until now.

Yesterday, I started to look up some information to get a job and I realized there is license number who passed NCLEX and I know I don’t have one. Didn’t even know nurse has a license number. When I carefully reread the letter that I passed the NCLEX, it said I have only 1 year to receive license number with fee. (Expired on 9/21) And after 1 year, I have retake the NCLEX.. Is that true? Unbelievable how stupid mistake I made. I called the the center that person who received my call said it’s 3years window (she seems she is not charging with RN license though..) restudying NCLEX is only option I have?? Am I able to get through this? I am very very depressed..

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I would call again and have them to review your information and request their suggestion...just to confirm the information you received from the first call. There’s nothing wrong with gaining clarity of a confusing situation. 

Although this part doesn’t matter at this point in time, I have to ask. Weren’t you the least bit curious as to the outcome of your NCLEX exam? When I took the NCLEX RN eleven years ago, I was checking Pearson Vue and the BON website every hour on the hour up to and after I  received the official PASS until my license number was posted. 

In your post, you said you didn’t know nurses had licenses. But after an exam like the NCLEX, I would be looking for a license, a grade, or something...