Expert Advise Needed Quickly Regarding Cardiac Catherization

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Heres another update.

I had my cardiac cath yesterday and they found 2 occlusions of my caronary arteries. One was very small and was easily eliminated with a balloon angioplasty. The other one, which supplied blood to the anterior portions of my heart was 80 % occluded and I had a stent placed.

I am glad that I had it done now. Thanks to all of you for your advise.

I am very tired hgb was only 8.8 this morning. But I am sure that things will start looking better now.

Thanks again!

suzanne4, RN

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Glad that you were able to get everything taken care. And glad that you did go ahead with the cath..........


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Nurturing Angel--good to hear that things went well...better now than after a MI...Take care :)

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