experienced peds nurse but no peds jobs in Jax

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I have been looking for a job for a very long time. I have experience in peds, 6 months in a hospital and 1 year in peds private duty. Anyone have any suggestions of what I can do to find a job here in Jacksonville?


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Was the year in home health? Integrity and PSA are always hiring. They are home health agencies. Wolfson's hires occasionally, but I know people there (nurse managers and the nurse recruiter) but they only really want BSN nurses.


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For as large a city as Jacksonville is Peds is a relatively small networking... Wolfsons and Nemours are the desired locations for most Peds RNs so the jobs are few and far between.

I know working in private practice we have MA's and honestly look for ARNP or PA's as opposed to RN's as they can help to take some of the PT load off the physician(s).... If you have the opportunity to volunteer and network with some of the larger facilities (like Mayo, wolfsons etc.) it may help...

Don't get discouraged! The right job is out there!

Don't forget about the NAVY bases too...despite enlisted members they still have civilian jobs (especially at NAS Jax) that might been an option??

Good luck!!


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Interim, Integrity, and PSA will be your best bets for private duty, although the pay is abysmally low. However, the networking opportunities may net you the contacts to get hired at one of the hospitals, if you have a BSN.