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I know this is so silly, but I just got my new semester's books and it's so exciting. I'm flipping through my med-surg book getting totally pumped about what's to come!

Have you bought your books yet? What's looking fun to you?


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I'm not in the program yet, but I still know what you're talking about. When I get my new books every quarter it's like christmas!! I get SOOO excited about what I'm going to be learning. I guess that's the over achieving geek in me. :imbar


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I am a faculty member and feel the same way when I get my new books...you are not alone. Hope my Foundations and Med-Surg students are as excited to READ theirs....lol.


jschut, BSN, RN

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I'm really excited about classes this semester too!

I have Dosage Calc, Anthropology, Medical Terminology, English CompII and Ceramics.

I think it's gonna be a blast! ('Cept really for English....prof. seems kind of....ummm.....strict.....)


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I'm always excited when I get new books! It's another chip of information that's about to be programmed into my brain, new experiences, a new journey. I'm starting Psych Nursing on Monday and I'm really looking forward to it!

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