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Excess Credit Fees - Begin Fall 2014

by PrayingToPass PrayingToPass (Member)

Statewide, additional fees of 50% are added to tuition if reach 150% of program credits, required for a degree. Eg. >90 credits for AS/AA or >180 credits for BS/BA will cost you 50% more than it did before. Will this affect you toward the end of your program? Or is it just me? Statistics show the average student changes majors 5 times so this may kick-in further down the road, just before graduating.

Notifications are only sent out to students ONLY once it applies to them, so plan ahead WISELY. (note: this applies to self-pay students as well as to fin-aid students). Also this applies even if you already have a degree (per CSN, but this particular rule may vary at other Nevada institutions). So what about returning students with degrees trying to update their skills to stay competitive in this tough job market? (ie. IT skills)

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I'm experiencing the same thing. Since I received my first AA, I had to submit a second degree choice for them to bring it back down. I don't remember how exactly it was brought down but I went from 1700 for a semester to 1200. I'm not sure how long this will last, unfortunately. It sucks though because this deters people from retakes that may get them in. :(

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