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I'm about to "resume" my studies with EC....I started paying for classes in April '09 (shortly after graduation). I've recently decided to go back and try to start taking tests again. I never even took the first one!! The books are oh so boring and drab and dry and (did I mention boring?) Do you all have any tips for making it through the books and schedulig tests? I get so upset with myself b/c looking back, I realize that I could've been an RN by now, had I taken at least a test q month! Uggh!! Please offer any tips, suggestions, advice any of you may have! It would be greatly appreciated!!!


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I've heard many people post here to avoid using third party study guides but I had great luck with the Chancellor guides. You can buy them used on Ebay. They cover just what you need to know for each nursing exam, then use your textbooks for added info or questions. You have to be motivated and disciplined. It sounds like you're ready to get going. Take their practice tests. I always paid for one test ahead so when I was ready I already had the authorization, that is just one thing to slow you down. Schedule the test when you are almost ready, that will give you the impetus not to delay. Good luck.

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Please offer any tips, suggestions, advice any of you may have! It would be greatly appreciated!!!

In the words of Nike ... JUST DO IT! :D

I found that paying for and scheduling my exam for three to four weeks out was a great motivator. As a former graphic designer/desktop publisher for more than a decade, I found that I work best in environments with deadlines.

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I did the same as Lisa. I Paid and scheduled each test, you will study knowing you just forked up $200+ for a exam. There are some study notes out there that might help you made by past Excelsior students (I think one was Lisa arends), you can search the net. Also, look for study guides on Ebay as someone mentioned.

Good luck and "Just Do It!":D

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for my exams i take the content guide for the exam i want to take (for example i'm working on transitions now) and see how many sections are on it...there were 4 or 5 sections i think...then i'd give myself a schedule. something like this

Week 1- Section #1

Week 2- Section #2 (also take practice test A)

Week 3- Section #3

Week 4- Section #4 (Take practice test B)

Week 5- review notes and practice tests rationales

Week 6- take exam

That was how i did it when i was working, now that i've taken some time off of work my schedule looks more like Day 1 - Section one, Day 2 section two, day 3 section 3 ect... =) but i have the ability right now to devote 4-6hrs per day if i feel like it, and sometimes i do sometimes i don't!

Hope that helps!

Set up appointments for your tests and keep your appointments. That is one of the best ways to start the ball rolling, and keep it rolling. If you have a deadline already out there it gives you something to plan for on your little assignment calendar. Good luck.

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