Excelsior RN- testing out/CLEP for gen eds


Hi all, 

Im interested in attending Excelsior's RN program. I'd like to know if anyone knows if you can test out of all your gen eds with CLEP, DSST, etc. 

I was told by admissions that I can't get connected with an advisor until I enroll, and I would really like to get the info and test out of I that I can before enrolling. 

Does anyone know which tests and subjects correspond with/are accepted?

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I would be very careful about this "school." I have heard from many (and on this site... maybe do a search) that it is almost impossible to successfully earn your license this way. Be EXTREMELY cautious and do lots of research. 

Thanks for the advice. I wouldn't have considered it when they required the CPNE exam and the long wait it entailed, but now they are to have 2 weekends of clinic in the curriculum instead. At this point in my life, it's the only logistically doable option I have, but I am still gathering info nonetheless.

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I am with you on that logics. No CPNE and wait time  is the # 1 reason I'm apply to their ASN  RN program. I am currently studying to take the TEAS. I have most if not all the gen eds class. 

Have you taken the TEAS yet?

That's great. I'm not taking my TEAS yet, just because I'd like to see what I can test out of first, then take the TEAS and enroll. Keep me posted, and I'll let you know if I find out anything worth sharing.

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Thank you, like wise.

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Both of my Dads Hospice Nurses obtained their RN this way.  I'm currently looking into it.