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Hello everyone,

I just received my transcript evaluation from Excelsior and I need to take 2 General Education courses and all the Nursing theory courses. In order to complete the GE requirement, I need to take 1 Humanities course and the Information Literacy course. For some reason they didn't take my previous Ethics or Religion courses? Has anyone had this happen to them? Why should I have to repeat the course? Now I'm starting to have second thoughts about enrolling. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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This happened to me as well. On the unofficial evaluation, they did not accept a lit. course from a previous school. It wasn't until after I had enrolled that my transcripts were evaluated again by an academic advisor. At that point, they accepted my lit class. It's possible that the OFFICIAL review, done after enrollment, my give you credit for those.

You could always call them and ask about it.

Don't let two courses keep you from the program. Call them and speak to them about it. You might be able to get them to change their decision or get another good recommendation from them. And just to let you know, I have had periodic evaluations where one time they accept one course and list it on my transcipt, then another time they remove that particular course and use another one in its place. No rhyme or reason.

Thanks all for your help

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they did the same to me at the begining and wasn't going to take my psych class and an english, i called and asked why adn was told it was an "oversight" and that they would indeed take those courses once i was an enrolled student...sure enough when i enrolled they were accepted and put on the transcript!

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