Excelsior CPNE Workshop


Just wondering if anyone has taken the Excelsior workshop, and do you believe it gave you enough helpful instructions to pass the CPNE, or should I be scouting around for other workshops such as Sherri Taylors.



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I took the official Excelsior workshop back in 2005. Don't know what it is like now, but it was great then. I would say it definitely factored into my passing the CPNE.



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I have been trying to get an answer to this on this and other blogs w/out success. I called Excelsior and they did confirm that their workshop is more of a refresher of what you already should know, like a review session not a teaching workshop. Let me know if you get any answers


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I'm planning to attend one in Albany in December. Visiting Albany in December is not the smartest idea. I know what the snow can be like there, but if everything goes as planned I should be eligible by then to sign up. I figure I should do whatever I can to prepare for the CPNE.

I have a family member that lives in Albany that I will be staying with, so that really helps me out with the cost.


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After going thru the study guide afew times, I took an excelsior workshop last november. it brought everything together for me. i dont think it really matters which workshop you take as long as you feel you are prepared for the cpne. i felt the excelsior one was really thorough as far as prep. i dont know if they were "teaching" anything but whatever you call it, i did learn a lot from them.:)