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hello i would like some information on excelsior college on the lvn to rn program.

how much does it cost?

is it a good program?

has any one gone through this school?

thanks :balloons:


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Hi! sm07

You sure visit Excelsior website www.excelsior.edu for information about there program.

I can tell you about the cost, the company I worked for at the time paid for the program.

I finished in 2003, ASN program. I started in the BSN program but the advisors suggested changing to the ASN program to finish sooner and I was most appreciative.

It is a doable program if you are self-motivated.

Good Luck. icon7.gif


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I reside in San Diego, CA. I Graduated from Excelsior College in October 2006. It took me forever to finish, as I worked a Full-Time & a part time job. I decided to go that route, as I needed to work, & couldn't commit to a full-time "Traditional" Program". I was able to work, & go at my own pace. There are 7 Nursing Concepts Classes. Some of them are very hard. The CPNE Exam is at the very end, where you go to a location and complete your Clinical Performance in 2 &1/2 days. This is what most students Dread The Most. This Program Requires Much dedication & hard work. Having a Good Study Partner helps too. I don't recommend this program if you can't committ to it, & study on your own. They are pretty Good about excepting General Education Requirements from other schools. Call them at their Toll Free Number and request an imformation packet, as well as study guides for all of the exams as well as General Ed. They may have changed some things, so please call them & request the Free Information. I Hope that this was helpful. Any more Questions, Please email me at aquagem1963@sbcglobal.net Take Care, & BEST OF LUCK!;)

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In addition to what the others have said - you should go to the Distance Learning/ Online education section of allnurses.com and check it out. Tons of useful info there as well.