Which Clep/Dantes is easier Sociology of Lifespan Dev Psych?

  1. I tend to do better with things I enjoy and I think I will enjoy psych better but I also am wanting to finish as fast as possible. What is your opinion? Thanks
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I actually thought they were somewhat similar, but Sociology was easier.
  4. by   Ultraposh
    Thanks! Is it by far? I heard using the rue clep book is good to pass sociology I'm about a week. I don't know if people are ever talking about sociology or introductory sociology. I myself forgot to mention" introductory"
  5. by   WorseNurse
    www.free-clep-prep.com has a lot of good information on versious clep/dsst tests.

    I used www.degreeforum.net to study for this test. They have a monthly service where you get access to flashcards for the various tests. You also get access to their paid forum which has a lot of great tips on what to study for the tests. It is like 20bucks or something for a month. I used just that degreeforum site and cramed for like 6-7 hours and passed the sociology CLEP.

    A thing to remember about CLEP tests is that they are pass/fail. Don't spend a ton of time aiming to get an A on the test. Just strive to get the pass and move on.
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  6. by   Ultraposh
    Thanks @worse nurse. Was it the sociology or intro sociology clep?
  7. by   ChrisRicci
    Do intro to soc, then intro to psych, then life span psych in that order - they lead into each other and cover alot of the same material. CLEP dsst or uexcel - way cheaper.
  8. by   ChrisRicci
    there are several podcasts on itunes for sociology and psych and check Youtube for videos - sometimes you'll find the whole class. also check for opencourseware for these classes - just google - it's free.