Transfering credits to Excelsior?

  1. I just applied to Excelsior, wanting to beat the October deadline for the changes to the program. I've submitted all of my transcripts but they haven't been received/processed yet.
    I was wondering if anyone has had any problems having credits transfer to Excelsior? I have all pre-reqs except for Information Literacy. I have also taken an LPN-RN transition course in a program accredited by the Indiana state board of nursing and NLNAC. Do you think the credits will transfer?
    Also I have heard that if you have received your LPN license in the last 5 years, you also get credit for one of the Essentials of Nursing Care courses. Is this true? If so, which course is it?

    I'm also trying to decide which course to start first once I'm enrolled. I'd like to get through this as fast as I can, so I'd like to get a head start on studying. Any input would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   malenurseFl
    I transferred all of my credits from a local college. They looked up my LPN lic online. There's a 25 question new student quiz that's required. Information Literature I felt was worthless, at least for me. It is a one credit $390.00 required course. I was done with it in 90 minutes. It consists of 5 quizzes that are ten questions each and one 50 question final exam. I'm currently waiting on study materials to arrive. I couldn't tell you if the other courses will transfer. I'm planning on starting with transition from the lpn to rn role. I'm not sure if the tests need to be taken sequentially.
  4. by   buckshot
    Sounds like you will have the majority of your pre-reqs transferred in, but the only way to be sure is to send in your transcripts and have them evaluate your unofficial transcript to make sure. I would take health safety and transitions to get them out of the way right off the bat because you can take those exams without enrolling to the college, and you would ultimately have more time to finish classes before having to pay the yearly fee because you would have those exams finished. Good luck!
  5. by   malenurseFl
    All my prerequisites transferred in. I've already paid the enrollment fee.
  6. by   WELLNURSE2007
    I registered with Excelsior a year ago, then got accepted into traditional RN bridge program. I took and passed transitions, Mental Health, Advanced Concepts in Med Surg, Complex Concepts in med Surg. Then i took Maternal and child Nursing and a computer glitch on the 3rd exam messed up grades for a couple of students. Other affected students did not care much because this did not send them into a failing grade. However, it messed up mine because i ended up with 0.5 points less than the required final grade needed to pass the class. I protested but the teacher got defensive. I tried all avenues including providing evidence but i got a cold shoulder from the faculty. I passed the ATI predictor for this particular course with a level 3. I was only one course away from graduating! I have been depressed since, because i feel like this teacher just shut the door to my dream right in my face! However, i am a goal oriented person and nothing will stop me from achieving my goal! I am trying to pick up from where i left off, and just getting back into Excelsior. I hope the content is similar and will not have to struggle much to get past the courses that i have to take AGAIN. Anyone out there with some good advice on how to navigate through this thick cloud please help. I believe that when one door closes, God opens several more windows!
  7. by   Aliakey
    My university and community college credits transferred without difficulty (three accredited brick and mortar institutions and two accredited distance learning programs), but it was kind of messy since my primary university was on a quarter system versus a semester. Looking back, it took about a month for Excelsior to receive the official transcripts from all of them via snail mail, evaluate the mess, and provide me with an official evaluation... I do feel sorry for the person who had to wade through my decade of higher education from all of those places!

    In the end, it did appear I was short 3 units for my "sciences supportive of nursing". But, Excelsior will re-evaluate your credits, just like any other university would do if in question. If you choose this route for a particular requirement, try to find the college's catalog description of the course you took and include it (verbatim, and with the source's reference) in a message you send to Excelsior; if the description is close to what Excelsior's requirements dictate, you may find that your credits can be applied.

    Regarding information literacy, I took that online via Penn Foster. I believe you can still use this route since you applied before October 2012, but you need to drop a message to Excelsior (message system) to ask if this course may be used to fulfill the requirement first. The Penn Foster course was ENG103, and was a less expensive and quicker method of completing this requirement for me.

    Good luck!
  8. by   veggieLPN
    Buckshot, I am planning on taking Health Safety as soon as I can. I just ordered the books for it yesterday. I don't want to sign up for Transitions yet because I'm hoping there is a chance that the credits I received for an LPN to RN transitions course I've already taken will transfer to Excelsior.

    Am I able to sign up for Health safety even though I haven't been admitted yet? Also, how on earth am I supposed to know what to set my exam date to?
  9. by   buckshot
    I set my date 1 month out for health safety, because it was my first exam... after that i scheduled one about every 2 weeks. That would be nice if Transition transferred in for you! Good luck!
  10. by   veggieLPN
    Well it appeared that all of my courses from my community college and state university transferred, but none of my credits from my private university transferred in. (Which is a bit infuriating, since they were much more difficult, not to mention much more expensive than the classes at the other school.) Actually ONE credit transferred in for microbiology. The microbiology course I took was a 3 credit lecture taken along with a 4 credit lab...and for some reason I am getting just 1 credit for this.

    I'm going to have to appeal/fight for my micro credits and for my transitions credits as well. I'll be happy if one of them makes it through.

    Here are the credits that made it through: Written English, Humanities, Lifespan Psych, Sociology, Human A & P, Math, and Electives. (All from Indiana University and Ivy Tech)
    Additional credits granted to me: Health Differences (due to my LPN) and Health Safety (took this exam while I was waiting to be admitted into the Nursing Program.)

    This place is like a DREAM to me. I am SO LUCKY to have discovered it when I did...the changes happening in October really pushed me to get my a** in gear and apply, enroll, and get started ASAP! Not to mention, this October would be the 5th year anniversary for passing my NCLEX-PN exam as well.

    Even though I am having some troubles like starting to experience the horrible anxiety problems I always have when enrolled in school, and realizing that no, actually I don't have the cash to "pay now" for every course, I still say this school is a DREAM for me because NO SCHOOL would let me transfer in that many credits.
  11. by   squidbillies
    So sorry to hijack this thread, but what are the changes that take place in October?
    ETA: Found the answer to the changes.
  12. by   BrillyD
    Oct1 changes
    1. you will no longer be able to take Health Safety before enrolling.
    2. Anatomy & Microbiology must be taken before the nursing courses (except Transition to RN role) and cannot be more than 5 years old
    3. EC will only accept a max of 7 ACE credits for the ADN and 15 for the BSN (ACE credits - Penn foster, straighterline, etc.)
    4. The CLEP and DSST exam credits are not limited.

    School of Nursing limits credit acceptance -
    Associate Degree in Nursing Admission and Curriculum requirements -
  13. by   TraumaMama179
    All of my credits from a local college transferred. Hard back pretty quick. I would take the 2 classes they allow you to take before enrolling first. Once you pass them enroll and take the remaining. The books for me were a total and absolute waste of money. I didn't open them once the entire program. I used studygroup101 and even that I didn't use all that much. You can take the exams in any order you choose. I took LS1-3 last. Can't remember the order. I took them all about 2 weeks apart. Just finishing up FCCA (you can take both FCCA's at the same time) Good luck!