Signed up for my first test. It's tomorrow!

  1. Just signed up for my first test, Health Safety. I got a 73% on Practice form A, and a 74% on the sample questions from the free content guide.
    I am going to study some more Health, Wellness, and Illness and some Psychological safety (my two weak areas) and then take Practice form B and head off to the test!

    I've spent about 10 hours studying so far. It will hopefully be closer to 15 by the time I actually take the test.

    I have been an LPN for nearly 5 years, so a lot of this is review for me, not to mention that I've already taken some RN nursing classes and clinicals at a local university.

    I am very nervous. I really want Excelsior to be a good fit for me.
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  3. by   MsPiggy
    Good Luck Veggie! When is your test date? I'm studying for this one now-been an LPN for 20+ years so
    it's a challenge figuring out the best study habits for me. I was gonig to do the pre-test but Ex charges $75 for the practice test
    and I just paid the test fee so I'm going to use the questions at the end of the study guides and the book & hope that's enough.

    Post and let me know how the test went. What day are you going?

    I too need the Excelsior to work for me-to do it in traditional setting would take so much more time and money-plus the work factor. I still need too :0)
  4. by   frankie,RN
    Good luck to you. You'll do great. Also, congratulations on getting started with Excelsior.
  5. by   veggieLPN
    I passed!!! I began studying as soon as I signed up and took the test exactly one week later. I got a B. I studied for a total of 13 hours (including the time it took to take the practice exams).

    I used the following materials to study: Mystudygroup101 notes, Fundamentals of Nursing textbook (old, 6th edition), Mosby's review cards for the NCLEX-RN examination (basically just nclex questions on notecards), Excelsior content guide, Excelsior Practice Exams.

    Honestly I think the NCLEX questions, the Excelsior content guide sample questions, and the Excelsior practice exams helped me the most. I would take notes on the rationals for everything I got wrong, or wasn't sure about and then review those. My Saunders book is held up in the postal system; I have heard that it is great material as well.

    On the Excelsior exam content practice guide (before any studying/reading at all) I got a 74%
    On the Mystudyguide 101 1st practice test (multiple choice section only) I scored a 72%
    On the Excelsior Practice test Form A I got a 72%
    On the Excelsior Practice test Form B I got a 68%
    I received a B on the real Exam.

    I am an LPN, this course contains nursing concepts that originally took me a long time to grasp. If you are an EMT or anything besides a nurse, I would strongly suggest studying for twice the amount I did...unless of course you are suuuuppper suuuper smart or having amazing retention or understand nursing culture well already.

    Just my two cents

    I'm posting this because all the posts other nurses have made on here really helped me decide how and what to study, and I'd like to continue on that tradtion!
  6. by   WorseNurse
    Thanks for the breakdown of what you did and how you did on things. I just starated studying for this test, and it is nice to see things like this to point me in the right direction.
  7. by   PaParamedic
    Sounds like better practice scores than I, and I passed. Good luck.