Sheri Taylor's workshop - how soon after CPNE eligible?

  1. I am going to become eligible this month (OCT 28 is the last day), and was planning on taking Sheri Taylor's workshop on November 2,3,4. I am wondering what other people have done. If I take the workshop on those days, I most likely won't even have a CPNE test date yet. I was thinking this might give me a better foundation on what materials to study for the CPNE.
    I also was wondering what other people's experiences were with wait periods for their CPNE test date? I was planning on selecting all Northeastern hospitals, which I would think would shorten my wait period.
    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   Paula, LPN
    Congratulations Sue!!! I just passed the last nursing class yesterday and will be planning on taking the FCCA in Nov. I signed up in June for Sherri's workshop for Dec 7-9. I wanted to take it so I would have a basis to study so that I would know how long I should wait between signing up for the CPNE and actually taking it.

  4. by   BeachCathyRN
    First of all Congrats-you are almost there!!!! I took Sheri's online workshop for 3 months then the in person workshop (only time I could go with work schedule) passed CPNE 3 weeks later. Never ever ever ever could have passed without Sheri's help-the best money I ever spent!!!!!!!! Good Luck-can you see the light at the end of the tunnel????
  5. by   MMAnurse
    I use Sheri Taylors online workshop for a monthly fee. It is WELl worth it. The videos help. I test Nov 30-Dec 2nd in Syracuse
  6. by   MMAnurse

    Bug the Center whether its north, west or mid...selecting all hospitals helps a tad but much. Ask for the scheduling coordinator, and bug them every 2 days. Trust me. applied September 9th for all sites in mpac. Backed up until february. Transfered to NPAC. Bugged them daily (calling asking about cancellations) and finally got one for Nov 28. Nice persistence amd social skills win them over. Trust me a workshop of some sort is needed to do things the "excelsior way".
  7. by   scooneybooney
    Hi and congrats for getting to the light at the end of the tunnel!! I am happy for all of us!!
    This has got to be one of the most stressful events of my entire life!
    I will be at the workshop with Sheri on the same dates as you!!! It would be amazing to have someone to talk to before then.
    Please please email me so we can talk without a milllion people over our shoulder reading our thoughts.
    I am excited and nervous!
    Leila < Florida
  8. by   scooneybooney
    I only had to wait 6 weeks before I got a date, only because I asked for a cancellation....or else I was not gonna be able to test for 6 months!!! I am excited and scared!
  9. by   janemontrose
    Just got my CPNE package and I DON'T KNOW where to start. I heard about Shari Taylor and I also watch some of her youtube videos, I think she is very organized. Any suggestions are welcome when it comes to passing the CPNE.
    By the way, what could be the best testing site?