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Hi Everyone! I am in need of some guidance from someone who is either enrolled or who recently graduated from Excelsior College. I just graduated from my LPN program in New Jersey and have not yet... Read More

  1. by   maggie1990
    @Prayernurse: I agree with you-and I do enjoy the classroom IF the professor actually teaches! In community colleges I'm guessing they have teachers that went to school to LEARN how to teach instead of reading these piddly power points. I pretty much taught myself MedsurgIII last quarter because my instructor read vague power points and the info was in the book anyway. I would have rather just read it on my own at home instead of wasting time in school! lol.
    Here's what I'm used to: 30 or so page (sometimes 40 or 50) chapters and tests are usually 2-4 chapters. My problem tends to be more on application. I'm very book smart and can memorize facts-but applying them to test questions can be hard for a book learner. Since I'm used to reading and figuring stuff out for myself anyway sometimes I wonder if college is better. But I'm not sure. Thank you so much for your feedback!
  2. by   PrayeRNurse
    You would be great at the reading. And if you can figure it out and memorize you would do great on the exams untill Life Span 1-2-3. It is applying what you have learned 100% critical thinking. However by that time you know the basic stuff and Crtiical thinking is not so bad. Get a book with critical thinking questions and practice because that is the NCLEX test, Critical thinking and choose all that apply! Don't care for choose all that apply! LOL! Best to you.
  3. by   maggie1990
    Prayernurse: I totally despise select all that apply! We used to get like 7 of those questions on our medsurg exams and I'd get like one right..if I was lucky haha. Thank you so much for the advice! Much appreciated
  4. by   BrillyD
    @lunahrn: Yes! The rep said that they take all of the resources that excelsior gives us to buy and narrows it down. And he goes through the reference section in the back and says that all of those are what we're given to read..and it's 'overwhelming' for students.

    Studygroup101 does the same for only $10! I got the books anyway (I'm a real book person) although older copies - I figure I will use them on occasion even after school. Overwhelming? Yes, It sure can be - but I expect to actually learn something so I can be a good RN!
  5. by   maggie1990
    I'm actually just going to Raritan Valley Community College. It may take a little longer but at least I can take spanish and be in a classroom enviornment. We'll see how it goes. Now the problem is do I wait until January to start classes so I can pass NCLEX and start a job? (so that way I can schedule classes around work) or do I start classes in August and then try and find work around class? I know the latter is more difficult, however I suppose either way it will be a challenge.

    Just also wanted to say that last night I officially graduated! It was a nice ceremony and it just fuels me to further my education and become the RN I want to be <3
  6. by   WorseNurse
    A girl I work with uses TCN and she really likes them. I just bought the study guide from sg101 for tests 1&2 for 10$ and I have 3000 pages worth of material. That seems like a hard deal to beat for me. There are hundreds of questions to quiz yourself on.
  7. by   PrayeRNurse
    When you have your RN and want to move onto the BSN look into Arizona State University RN_BSN program. It is excelent! I think EC has a great one also however I am doing ASU's and I am very pleased so far! Just passing on info!
  8. by   Nurse0804
    I tried reading everything excelsior recommended for over a year and was just frustrated and getting no where so finally looked into ten, chancellors, and rueEd. I chose to go with rueEd and have not regretted it. They financed my testing fees too sp yeah I pay them $125 a month for a long time but I have their study guides great, have passed everything so far and when I want to take an exam just request fee from them and they send me a check. It takes a good three weeks to get exam fee but with carefu planning is ok. For me this was an affordable option.
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