EC and loan deferments

  1. Does anyone know if you are enrolled in excelsior college lpn to rn online and have student loans from a traditional college ...will the loans still be defered?
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    I don't think so but I don't see how they wouldn't because your enrollment will be verified. The issue may arise with the LPN-RN program being exam-based. But your loan services can answer that. However, you MIGHT get by if you enroll in the course equivalents as opposed to the exams but, there again, not all of the exams have course equivalents yet. So the two people you need to talk to would be your EC advisor/financial aid officer AND DEFINITELY, your student loan services. I didn't have this issue because I sat in a classroom taking easy courses like art, English, etc., for the purpose of the student loan while I used the refund to pay for the EC exams. Once I completed the CPNE at EC, I withdrew from the local college since I no longer had any use for them. Strategize! Of course, I had a major decrease in working hours; that's what drove me back into the books in the first place.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Not unless you take at least 6 credits in online classes. Challenge exams are excluded from federal aide/grants/loans and federal loan deferments.
  5. by   mlbluvr
    Even if EC participation doesn't qualify you, if you are unemployed you can defer certain federal loans up to 3 years. If you are employed and have certain federal loans, you might qualify for income based repayment, which can drastically cut the payments, more so if you don't make much money.
  6. by   bmcnurse843
    I was thinking about doing that same thing. Work on classroom classes for BSN pre-req while doing RN online..Because I Have to retake my micro class since my five year time limit hit before I pass my LPN boards..(ONE DAY LATE) .BOO! Did you like doing excelsior? I have not decided what I am going to do yet. Because I will have to start paying back my student loans here shortly..just graduated....and I dont think I can afford to pay those back and excelsior...
  7. by   BSNbeDONE
    I absolutely LOVED EC!!! I'm doing their RN-BSN right now. I took my first nursing course through Chamberlain because their program didn't have a writing requirement course. HOWEVER, their statistics instructor slaughtered me on the discussion boards. So I took it through Straighterline, which was partnered with EC at the time. But Chamberlain wouldn't accept it and other programs wanted labs with the sciences (exams I took through EC). So, since repeating statistics and science (A&P and Micro) labs was out of the question for me, I returned to EC and just finished an equivalent writing course from BYU and am now studying for one of the two BSN exams. (The actual writing wasn't the issue since I have always been very good with papers; I just didn't want to spend 15 weeks doing them. But in the end, I wasted more time trying to find all that I wanted in one college. Had I stayed with EC, I would have been done by now, barring the usual interference from life.
  8. by   BSNbeDONE
    EC offers a microbiology exam, which I took. It should be a refresher for you if you've had it before. But I would check to see how your prior Micro class with the lab would transfer should you take a refresher Micro exam with no lab. Only the college that you plan on attending for the BSN can answer that. It would be a shame to retake it EC for the RN and have to retake it yet a third time for your BSN program. Of course, if you stay with EC for their BSN and take their Micro, there is no issue. I was gonna go with WGU for their BSN but they wanted to send a dead pig to my home, along with cameras for me to set up so that they could watch me do labs. THAT WAS OUTTA THE QUESTION!!!!Now, had the pig been pre-cooked and honey-glazed, I would have sliced it up quite nicely.