Anyone in Ohio?

  1. I have just started the process for enrollment at excelsior and wondered if there are any others from Ohio on here that are in it, out have been through it! I am anxious and nervous to get it started!
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  3. by   veggieLPN
    I don't live in Ohio, but I work very close to the Indiana-Ohio state border. I've taken one test, and I'm awaiting to see which transcripts I will get credit for before signing up for any more.
  4. by   brandi45805
    I live in Ohio and am just starting the enrollment process Friday!! scared to death since they can't answer general questions until I enroll! I went to a vocational school for my LPN so I have to do all my prerequisites( minus English and I took biology).
  5. by   Medic625
    I'm in the Cleveland area of Ohio
  6. by   carlas216
    Me too. I'm in cleveland heights
  7. by   brandi45805
    Hi Buckeyes!!
  8. by   Zadia
    I am in Lima
  9. by   brandi45805
    I grew up there I'm in delphos now! How far are you into the program?
  10. by   carlas216
    had been completing my prerequisites I'm about done now with those. Preparing to test for health safety. Want to be conplete by august of this year. What about you?
  11. by   brandi45805
    I just sent in transcripts and license. I am figuring what prerequisites to do first and how since I have to take them all except English..its frustrating me to say the least. I want to be done asap.
  12. by   mnicole87
    I live in Ohio. I just applied last week and I am sending in my transcripts and license this week. Hopefully start this month or beginning of January. I graduated from a technical school for my LPN do none of my credits transfer. Hopefully get the ball rolling soon.
  13. by   nurseymama
    Hey Lima and Delphos,
    I live in Jackson Center just a little south of Wapak. Im getting ready to start where are you guys in this whole process?
  14. by   brandi45805
    Im just starting the enrollment process. Trying to make my plan on how To finish my prerequisites. If you want to study together I would love to talk!