7 more weeks.......

  1. .......until the search for a new username begins and I couldn't be more proud, ecstatic, or overwhelmed with such a sense of accomplishment! Life has dealt me MANY blows (including a divorce and the death of a grandparent) since I began my transition from LPN to RN in late 2009. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, boy was I proven wrong...right when I began the transition from ASN to BSN! But I finally got up, spit the dirt out of my mouth:***:, dusted off my knee caps, washed my face, put a few band aids here and there, and pressed on. I was even devastated yet again after this point when I failed my first-ever nursing exam on August 7th, 2013. Yep, I remember the day just like it was (to me it is) a historical event. This pursuit of higher education had me wearing the face of a torn and worn individual.

    Once I stopped blaming everybody else for that fiasco (I mean after all, with 28 years of nursing, it couldn't have possibly been my fault, right?), I enrolled in 4 courses in one semester, bound and determined to hurry up and exit this college since they, too, were on the list of people at fault for my failure...imagine that. Then in January 2014, my dad (the healthiest individual I had ever seen in my life) had a heart attack, followed by open-heart surgery. In the end, he had and continues to have an amazing recovery. But during that week, AGAIN, I was broken and devastated! I felt like yelling ENOUGH ALREADY! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT OUT OF MY HIDE?!!

    Being the resilient (or na'ive) person that I am in not realizing that I should just give up on this degree, I didn't 'feel' that it was time to throw in the towel just yet and as such, I kept going and took it one day at a time, literally. Each day that my feet hit the floor, my first thoughts were "I can take it". At the end of the day, my thoughts were "I didn't withdraw from college today....thank you". It was just that serious a struggle for me, but I survived! Somewhere in the Breakroom on this site is my thread entitled "When do I get a chance to cry" that details even more hurdles throughout my college experience. What a ride this is!

    Anyway, back on course! Remarkably, taking four courses had a profound effect on my professional career. Since my spare time was seemingly always spent in search of evidenced-based information for this paper or that project, these resources became my topic of conversation at work. It was a drive-it-home key factor with some of my colleagues and many patient-teaching opportunities. There are those that feel that the BSN is a waste of time and that the majority of time is simply spent writing papers and participation in discussions. But the learning comes from paying attention to the content of those written papers instead of just throwing together 4-8 pages of 'anything' for the sole purpose of a grade.

    Set your goals and make it happen! It is soooo worth it! I don't know what tomorrow holds, but today, this is my face! Seven weeks to go!!
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  3. by   Dancingqueen94
    Congratulations!! Very excited for you! Your hard work will be so rewarding for you and will definitely pay off. :-)
  4. by   GoalSeeker
    Congratulations!!! You have been through so much, and still managed to be where you are at. That's amazing. Praying for peace and your continued success.
  5. by   maleNurseGB
    Congratulation, thx for sharing your story. we are so proud of you. You are the reason member's of this website around the country(like me), login everyday to read success stories like yours to get energized to get back on grind even after failing one exam or whatever curve-ball life throws at them. its amazing to see people that don't give up even through hell, comes out strong and successful:>
  6. by   nkeyshi
    Hard work and resilience does pay off.Congrats Im so proud of you.
  7. by   aortic dissection
    Congrats you are near the finish line. Keep up the good work and stay positive. Everyday is a precious gift from God. I just began my BSN journey thru the APA formal. Spend countless nights in the discussion and reply. ? with the ethnic exam, i purchase the regents/excelsior exam book for ethnics. There were many ?. How did you study for the exam and did you use the practice exam from excelsior college. Thank you BSNinthework.
  8. by   BSNbeDONE
    I used the book that you have as a resource for simple Q&A, but I did not go through the entire book. The biggest help came from the content guide, the practice exams (DEFINITELY GET THOSE), and googling the ethical cases in question. I also googled any terms that I felt uncomfortable with. Also, review the questions and rationales at the end of the content guide. This information regarding the women in question is so interesting that you cannot forget it. And the cases are not long in discussion. Again, the practice exams are a MUST!! Good luck with your exam!
  9. by   Senny.ANP.FNP
    Good job!!!
  10. by   ~agape~
    I'm so happy for you! You have been a big help and inspiration for me! Thank you!
  11. by   BSNbeDONE
    Quote from medic2514
    I'm so happy for you! You have been a big help and inspiration for me! Thank you!
    Thank you medic2514! I'm just trying to keep paying it forward by letting others know that although the struggle is real for MANY of us, our goals are only prevented by ourselves. We can ALL reach them, just not as quickly as we want sometimes. But I'm at pole-vault range now and couldn't be happier!
  12. by   Pixie.RN
    Having seen your journey from LPN, I am just SO proud of you!!! :-D
  13. by   UlanaD
    You are a model of perseverance and dedication and an inspiration to everyone!
  14. by   BSNbeDONE
    Quote from Pixie.RN
    Having seen your journey from LPN, I am just SO proud of you!!! :-D
    Thank you!!! It has definitely been a learning experience that I am honored to have had! Like most current students are now, I remember panicking over the thought of being the first one that the PV trick was wrong about. Your telling me that the 'good pop-up' was not going to change was such a relief. But all of it pales in comparison to your accomplishments and service. It is an honor to 'know' you, Pixie, RN!
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