Excelsior College bookstore for Transitions required reading? Ebooks?

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I hope I am not breaking rules by asking where everyone found their Profsseional Nursing Issues Management (Transitions) book for the Excelsior College required reading!! I am only looking for WHERE to purchase. I purchased my basic books (fundamentals, Med/Surg, Pharm, etc) from Excelsior but the specialty books and the books I needed for surgical assisting exam I bought from either ebay or amazon and saved hundreds of dollars. I can't find the transitions book at either place! Are any books avaible as ebooks yet? Thanks :)

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You are not breaking the rules by asking where. :) What is the ISBN number? Maybe someone can track it down for you somewhere!

Edited to add: isn't it this one? Amazon.com: Nursing in Today more. It says it's the 9th edition.

Lunah that looks just like the one i got from the EC book store.

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Thanks guys! Not sure how I missed it?! I just took a peak through the content guide--seems a bit dry! And suggest reading of 80+ hours! Ugh...

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It is dry. A lot of who did what and when, and the role of an ADN nurse (think delegation to LPNs or unlicensed personnel, etc.).

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It have read several posts where it seems people do make it through the material extremely fast and test, even as dull as the content is. Is this the exam most people do next after Chronicity? I need to purchase 2 books for this exam vs only 1 for Reproduction, and I am on the pay-as-you-go program, lol! I want get the exams done as fast as possible, and the more quickly I get the tests over with the more motivated I am hoping to be.

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dont worry you will get through. I was the same way. I have scheduled my first exam and just paid for the second. There are ebooks available, go to www.digitaltextbooks.com and you can find almost all of them. Good luck!

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I bought all older editions of the books for every exam. And i only bought the ones where it said "required" for the exam and not the optional books! then i just post them back on ebay or on ECE facebook page to get my money back for the next books! On ebay i'd look up a title and then check the edition, i'[d only go two editions back though! so far i've only had to "search" in the text book a few times for things listed in the content guide, honestly allt he chapter headings have been the same for the most part!

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