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Every Bump and Bruise noted for parents?


I've been looking at editable forms online I could possibly use in my office this coming school year. I've seen a lot of clinic forms for parents...as if every child you see should get some kind of "record" they were there sent home to parents. This isn't realistic right??? I mean I can see sending home something even after speaking to the parent over the phone about it but every bump and bruise? Not sure on all the policies for this matter in my school strict but how about yours?

iggywench, ADN, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics, school nursing. Has 10 years experience.

I don't notify parents of every bump and bruise; I'd never get off the phone or finish writing the notes that wouldn't make it home anyway. My students are 5th and 6th grade, and they are old enough to go home and tell their parents what happened at school. I do send copies of the clinic passes back to class with students, and I suggest that teachers send them home with students, but I know they rarely do.

I do notify parents by telephone of any clinic visit for something that results in students going home looking different than how they went to school, and have a specific letter that goes home about head injuries. Also, any student who is injured in any way by another student gets a phone call home. Since I keep a record of all clinic visits in my EMR, it's easy to print a record of them if parents have questions, or if students have been visiting me frequently.

I did, or called on phone, because the one time you did not, you would get a parent screaming like a banshee, and the principal having you on the mat for it.