Evergreen Nursing and Rehabilitation center in Olympia


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Has anyone worked for Evergreen Health care nursing and rehabilitation center in Olympia/Lacey. I am curious if it is a decent place to work. It looks rather decrepit on the inside and I think I was hired without even having my background checked. I fill out paperwork tomorrow.


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I did clinical rotations there in my nursing program, and besides the free soup in the break room, I hated everything about it. It was dirty and old, and patients did not seem very well cared for. The medication carts weren't always locked and the smell was intense.

The one ray of light for me was one particular resident who liked to do puzzles and was fun to talk to.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the reply..It is still old and smelly the only thing decent about it is the double weekend shifts and the rest of the week off...I still have not figured out if I should work there or at ST. Petes..I have a job offer there that begins soon...


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Ewww don't work there. I think I have heard of lawsuits that are being filed there for mistreatment of patients. I knew someone who worked there as an lpn and she was the only nurse for 32 beds an only had 3cna's helping her. If you wanna break your back go ahead and work there. St. Petes is way better.


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I hope you don't work there, what a HORRIABLE place. We thankfully got my fiance' out of there, he was there over the weekend.

I will do everything in my power to see that place SHUTDOWN, it has NO business taking care of anyone's loved one.

The facility is soooo unclean, unsafe, all that place cares about is gettin your $$$. They suck as far as HealthCare, I feel sorry for anyone that is in that place.

I could go on and on, anyone who would defend that place is obviously blind or just really STUPID!!!

My understanding... all from hearsay... is that within the past year they have undergone significant changes due to new management and have made significant improvements within the workplace for both clients and employees.


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Think again about St. Pete's too -- it is total care (no CNA's), you carry a phone programmed to your patients rooms so call lights go off on your phone. It is a nightmare and I would not send my loved one there.


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The total care was the idea of the (at the time) new nursing bigwig who wanted to achieve magnet status and decided that the best way to do it was to fake staff to patient ratio numbers by firing LPNs and CNAs and using only RNs.

It ended up working out well for me (a CNA at the time) as it pushed me to apply to the ER, where I fell in love and have called my home ever since, but I feel bad for the nurses on the floor as they now have to do the butt wiping and bed changing in addition to the critical thinking skills that they are getting paid big bucks for (don't get me wrong - nurses aren't above wiping a few butts, but when you go to school to be educated to assess and implement procedures and become knowledgable on meds and the like, it is a waste of money to have the nurse doing menial tasks that can be done by anyone). I also feel bad for the patients who instead of having several team members available to help them have one overworked nurse who comes by when possible.

That is why when I graduated from nursing school, I didn't even apply to St. Pete's. (That and they don't have an ER residency program and my eyes were fixed on the ER prize)

Overall it is a good hospital, and I think that eventually the thinking will come around and the stupid nursedoeseverything policy will change.


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I work at St. Pete's and find it an awesome place to work. As with all jobs, there are downsides but I feel that the positive far outweigh the negatives. We are a total care hospital and sometimes I feel like my education was a waste, however most of the days I do not feel like this. It is true that we carry a phone--a spectra link, which allows our HUC to reach us whenever needed but I have never had my call lights linked directly to my phone....maybe this is how other floors do it? I am not sure. If you have an opportunity to work at St. Pete's I recommend it. I have worked several other places and really feel like St. Pete's is the best so far. God luck in your job endeavour.


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work at St. Pete's and find it an awesome place to work.

Glad you like it -- you are one of the few who do. It used to be a great place to work, but no longer.

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