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Everest Colleges



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Perfect example of why not to go to a for-profit school

loveofrn, BSN, RN

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I always laugh and smh whenever I see people still enrolling in all these schools..

Some of these for profit institute such as prism, everest and lincoln tech in my area are just robbing these students. Can you imagine paying almost 25k for MA and like 30+ for lpn..it is just ridiculous


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I looked at their program when I was first looking for schools. NO WAY I could justify spending $30,000 on an LPN program (that was the cost here). I'm going for a BSN and will spend less than that. I'm not sure how common place it is, but the only person I know that went there had the state paying the full ride with some type of displaced worker program. I thought gosh, no wonder the state of Michigan is in such financial shambles if this is what they are spending their money on.

Well I know it's easy to get sucked into these places when some are rejected at other schools or aren't familiar with the process of admission or anything.

I hope this sheds some light for those why may be thinking about it.

I know for some it's the "only way possible" or the "fastest way" - but I just don't believe that. Better to take the reliable route and not have to sign in blood and be in debt for 30 years.