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Ever feel you are just not going to be smart enough???


Specializes in ICU/Trauma..SRNA. Has 19 years experience.

Does anyone ever feel that they are not going to be smart enough to make it.

I am not saying we are dummies...but just feel burned out where we are and look and listen to others that are pre crna and think..man I am just not smart enough...

sometimes i feel like I am just not smart enough...(and I am no slouch)...especially when I get onto some of the CRNA websites...

so here is a poll of sorts...do others feel this way???

yes I do but its all in our head I have to push thoes feelings aside and prove myself wrong .

Oh yeah definitely! Almost every one I've heard from directly or indirectly says its about putting in the work not brilliance. Like medical school-- being extremely bright helps but is every doctor you know a genius? At least this is what I keep telling myself to keep me from freaking out!:lol2::lol2:

no i do not feel that way. i sometimes feel like its going to take forever, but i know i am going to do it.

i think it is only natural to wonder this. there is a lot of time and effort that must be put in. but, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! :)

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