Hello, everyone! I am starting clinicals next semester and I am planning on getting an iPad to put eTextbooks so I am able to have my textbooks and study on the go if necessary. My question is whether 32gb will work or should I go for the 128gb (there is no 64gb option). I plan to only use it for the textbooks. I know my school uses an ATI package with physical books and an e-textbook option. Does anyone use their iPad for textbooks, and if so, how much storage do they usually take up? I'd much rather save a little money if I can get by with 32gb. Thank you so much in advance!


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I have a total of seven nursing ebooks downloaded onto my iPad and it takes up less than 3GB.

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32gb is more than enough storage.

Someone who actually likes the etexts, go figure!


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Oh perfect! Thanks so much!


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That's so good to here! I'm glad I will be able to save a little money. Thank you for your help!

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I tried an electronic text book once because it was the only version that I could get quickly at the time. I absolutely HATED it! If you will have the hard copies too, then it may be a nice quick supplement, but otherwise I would either rent/buy them off amazon hard copy.