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ER Interview tomorrow HELP!


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I'm a new RN grad (experienced LPN) and I have an interview for an ER part time position in a local hospital. Any suggestions on what to brush up on? What types of interview questions should I know how to answer, what types of meds? Any info will be much appreciated! :geek:

Ok, I've been working too much and not reading posts very carefully.

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Make sure they know you did you research and that you know about emergency medicine/emergency nursing. Examples:

"What is your door to balloon time?" (be sure not to sound "stand offish" about this one or sound like you are judging them)

"Do you have any initiatives to improve handoff with EMS? (tip: don't call it "9-1-1")

"How do you give report to floor?"

I certainly can't speak for other ERs, but I never had to answer any questions about meds in my interview...

-Research the hospital you applied for

-Come with questions in hand to ask potential employer or if you can remember them, that's even better

-As for questions they may ask you, I googled common nursing interview questions and was prepared to answer most of them.

-Practice a mock interview with family or friends.

Good luck!!


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I was asked, "What are your strengths?" and What is your weakness?" ( or need to improve areas?)

I hate those kinda questions. You dont want to say "nothing" but then you dont want to look like a know it all.

Ok, I've been working too much and not reading posts very carefully.

Original text deleted...

I guess I should have left my original post which included commentary on preparing for an interview on the night before it's scheduled. When I reviewed my post, I thought I must have been mistaken but the title is clear that that is the topic afterall.

I won't re-type my whole post but to summarize... forget trying to cram for the interview... instead, invest the bit of time in ensuring that your attire and supporting materials are top notch and getting to be early. It's also wise to spend these hours learning which alternate routes you will take in the event that your primary route is obstructed.


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So I just want to thank everyone who commented. I arrived early so I reviewed some websites and wrote down answers to some questions I would likely be asked. I researched the hospital and studied their mission statement. And at the end I asked the interviewer if they thought in their opinion if I met the qualifications for the position and she was stunned! She said in 12 years in her position NO ONE had ever asked her that. She liked that I had asked and said yes that she liked me and I would be a good fit! I am soon excited to start this job!!

Congrats to you!!!!! And good luck in your future position :)