Epworth richmond parking

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Hi there,

I've been offered a grad position EEN at the epworth richmond. Was wondering if anyone has any tips on best place to park, eat, any info would be great! I'd love to hear from anyone who has worked there.....


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The Epworth's currently undergoing refurbishment - I don't know about staff parking but visitor parking is being interupted. The hospital is directly on two tram lines (48 and 75) that have great service except on Sunday mornings; it's also on the 246 bus route (which runs down Punt Road/Hoddle St), and a short walk from Richmond and West Richmond stations.

There's an onsite cafe but also a huge number of restaurants in Bridge Road and Swan St (the latter probably too far away to be useful on tea breaks but good for picking something up before work). Directly opposite the Epworth is the renown Tofu Shop (vegie, cheap, very good).

Congratulations on your new position, and best of luck :)



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Hi there i have been accepted into the EEN grad program at epworth as well starting on the 29th of August.... tomorrow actually. Are you starting then as well?



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I've worked there many years ago. I moved to Kew and used to catch the tram. Easier than driving. Good luck with your new job.



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I'm an agency nurse and just went to Epworth Richmond today...park wherever you miraculously find a spot :p And pray you don't get a parking ticket! lol