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  1. Well I've been accepted as a vendor at one of the hospitals here in Atlanta. According to the person that I talked to, the contracts will be mailed out at the end of the year and if I agree to the terms, I will be considered a working vendor. I have to wait until the end of the year because that is when their fiscal year ends and the new contracts are signed. But it's a done deal on their part, it is up to me to decide if I want in or not. Woo-hoo!
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  3. by   nightingale
    Sharon! I am thrilled for you! YOU deserve only the best for all your hard work. I bet they liked the fact that you are Board Certified!

    Tell us.. how long did it take to negotiate the contract? Did NNBA help with it at all?


  4. by   SharonH, RN
    Bonnie, this is what happened:

    I contacted the director of staffing at this particular hospital. I was directed to the purchasing department who then e-mailed me the paperwork. It was non-specific paperwork that any outside vendor who wishes to do business with the hospital sends in. Once I mailed it in with a copy of my business license, they sent me a letter telling me that I had been accepted as a master vendor. I spoke to a woman at the hospital and she said that the contract would be mailed to me at the end of the year and if I agreed to the terms then I would then be considered a "working" vendor and I could sign up for shifts. I should point out that this is in the local county hospital and since they are a government agency, they apparently do things a little differently. There really is no negotiation; everyone gets the same rate which the last I heard was ~$48/hr. This happens to be the average going rate for the private hospitals in the Atlanta area also so it's fair.
  5. by   nightingale

    I am so happy for you... all your hard work.. heh I am gonna try that! You go girl!

    Have you worked at this facility before? The one complaint I have heard is that the facility may pay late; it will be interesting to hear your feedback.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Congratulations Sharon... you deserve only the best...

    Let us know how you are doing..

  6. by   nightingale

    Did you Incorporate? What about workers comp? Do you have a good bookeping method?

  7. by   SharonH, RN
    Originally posted by nightngale1998

    Did you Incorporate? What about workers comp? Do you have a good bookeping method?


    1.Bonnie, I chose LLC but I filed two forms to be treated as an S corp tax wise.

    2. In Georgia, workers comp is required only if you have 3 or more employees so I don't have it.

    3. My sister is an accountant, and she has recommended that I use Quickbooks. I haven't set it up yet because I haven't had any income but she is going to help me when I do.

    I also wanted to thank you for your support and friendship on this matter, B. It has meant so much to me!
  8. by   nightingale
    And I you.....
  9. by   nursemicke
    What is a vendor? What will you do at the hospital? It sounds like you will be selling something. Like a vending machine. Ha Ha!
  10. by   nightingale
    Ha Ha.. Micke.. It is a term the facilities often use to refer to those businesses who have contracts to utilize nonhospital employees such as PRN Nurses or Travel Nurses.

    I am now attempting to become a vendor at some facilities... My business entity will then pay me my salary... That way, among other reasons, I get more tax break and have more control... and when I say my boss is riding me too hard.. well....

    B. :roll
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  11. by   nursemicke
    Thank you for thexplanation B. Learn something new everyday. Are you a corporation? Are you teaching CPR yet?
  12. by   nightingale
    I just registered my corp. I have not declared what type with the IRS yet.. It looks like an S Corp will work best for my situation.

    Been dabling with the CPR but no income yet. I did a volounteer project this week at my sons school. I hope to get that going sometime in the next few months (as far as an income of sorts).

    The per diem thing seems to take up a lot of my energy. I am trying to contract with facilities in my area and there are lots to choose from in reasonable driving distance.

    How you doing Micke?
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  13. by   SharonH, RN
    Micke, Bonnie nailed it about the term "vendor". Yes, please tell us how it's going for you. I wish all of our budding entrepreneurs would give us a status report.
  14. by   nightingale
    It sounds like another thread might be in order!

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