1. :kiss Hi all! I am in the process of starting a homebased bus for private nursing in the home. Independent contracting. I have spent a lot of time developing the necessary forms for pt files. Does anyone know of nursing software that I can utilize for a plan of care, careplans etc. I would really appreciate any input. Thanks, T
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  3. by   nightingale
    Great Question. I wish I could help. I am sure there is someone here who has some feedback.

    Welcome NurseT.

    Would you mind talking about how you set up the contracts? I am trying to set up myself in another community for just this type of nursing service.
  4. by   nurseT
    Thanks nightngale, I have not established my first private contract yet, I have to have all my paperwork in order first and get my atty to look them over for me. I have many potential clients asking when I'll be ready. There's plenty of work out there. You can join NAIN and they will assist you in getting started, the rest is up to the entrepenuer. The web site is very business like and there is a membership fee. I found it to be very helpful.
  5. by   renerian
    I don't know either but your right that is a good question. In your state can you apply to be an independent provider under your Medicaid system? In Ohio you can and I have several friends doing that. They carry their own 1,000,000 liability umbrella policy which I assume you already have.

  6. by   nightingale

    Please also check out National Nurses in Business Association; they are very professional. I imagine some of my colleagues, here on the board, will have other comments about NAIN and your questions.

    Good Luck to you and welcome...
  7. by   niteshiftnurse
    I bought a book called nursing care plans guidelines for individulalizing patient care...4th marilynn doenges,mary frances moorhouse and alice geissler and it came with an electronic care plan maker. you might want to try and see if you can find it or barnes and noble
  8. by   Edward,IL
    Dear T,
    Same question, different thread. I've seen the Doenges text mentioned (previous edition). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Doenges has been published for years and is in private practice (mental health counseling). She definitely knows what she is doing.
    Edward, Dupage County, IL
  9. by   LoisJean
    nurse T: I created ALL of my own forms, including Release of Information; Permission to Photograph (this form also includes permission to video tape); Incident Report and billing forms. My nursing notes are accepted by the Medicaid Waiver program that I sub contract with. My care plans include an area for patient outcomes.

    For me, it was easier to establish a client base first, using a notebook for each client's care notes and then creating my forms as I gained an idea of what type of 'paper work' would be most appropriate. I took all the information from previous employer's notes and eliminated the fluff. I then compacted all the information into what amounts to 3 forms. All of my forms are printed up in carbonless duplicates.

    Lois Jean
  10. by   nurseT
    LoisJean, thank you for your input. I have tried to wittle down my forms to as little as possible. I developed a service request to cue myself during intake, a skilled nurse visit record that is very thorough check list with blanks included and can also be used along with a medical hx for case openings, a med profile,progress notes, auth. for release of info, agreement for services, Dr. order, and a POT. 9 forms total, only 3 of wich need to be signed by the client at case opening. I'm nuts about being thorough. What do you do about the resusitation issue. Did you make up a DNR? I focus mainly on senior care so this is usually an issue. My POT was a pain in the but to develope and I did include a check box for advanced directive, I followed a basic 485. On the Dx section, I put the medical Dx and the Nrsg Dx. I think the Nrsg Dx is important. I am trying to promote private Nrsg as an alternative to LTC.
  11. by   LoisJean
    Oh boy, nurse T- I LOVE the idea of private nursing as an alternative to LTC! I would be so grateful if you could expound on this a bit. If you can get this one off the ground it will be a wonderful thing!

    I'm an advocate for the Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney. I ask each of my clients if they have these and if not I help them to do this. (If they want). I verbally ask each client if they would want resusitation measures should something happen while I am in their home. Suprisingly, most of my elderly say "yes". (99.9% of my work is with the elderly).

    T, it never occured to me to create a DNR form. But, you know, it's a very good thing to do and I'm going to do it. Thanks so much for turning on a light for me. This, again, is why this forum is so terrific--like minded people with different ideas, approaches and experiences...makes my little heart sing!

    Lois Jean
  12. by   nurseT
    Lois Jean, The alternative.... M-care does not pay for LTC unless there is a hospitalization for 3 days, then they only pay for 100 days... or so. In my state, the Senator is trying to pass a bill that will allow M-caid to file liens against property owned by LTC residents to recover costs. LTC's are all for this new bill because if it doesnt pass they'll lose funds. Many elderly just need a nurse for BS checks or catheter changes or med set-up. It is alot cheaper to hire a nurse for one or two visits per month than to pay 3000.00 a month for LTC and risk losing every thing. Our country, as good as it is, does not take care of its' seniors. I really feel strongly about this. I'm sure I'm the only nurse in my area doing this and there's not enough of me to go around. My intention is to supply the demand by educating the public. Many elderly have no clue until they're hit with the issue, and all those LTC ins. companies never seem to kick in. Funny how that works isn't it? T

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