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  1. Hi! I got this little idea in my head and wanted some input. many nurses and others at our facilty have to call off or leave work frequently due to family illness. Daycare centers will not allow children with illness to be under thier care. This causes emotional and financial strain on a lot of working people. I was thinking about the possiblity of a "sick" daycare where frazzeled parents can confidently drop there runny-nosed tikes off with a liscenced proffesional. There a legal issues to consider,of course. Just wanted to know some nurses and parents opinions. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   prmenrs
    It certainly is needed. Just not sure how you'd set it up.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   nightingale
    I do not know about setting it up either and also feel it is needed in the community.

    You need to figure out the need and likelihood of profitablility in your area. Check with your local Small Business Association and see what classes they may have in your area to research this business topic.

    I took a class in Entrepreneurship that covered how to research. Specific information for this area was not covered. A good class would cover how to research in your area various fields and what resources are available.

    MY Entrepreneur Class also covered information (specifc to what we were researching) on licensing zoning etc. A good class and instructor will help you ask and research the right information specific for your needs.

    I started out the class with one topic to research and ended with a different one because the first one, I discovered, was a challenge to make profitable. To me, the profit part was important.

    I hope that helps for starters.
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  5. by   renerian
    There is a sick child daycare where I used to live at one of the hospitals.