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Hello! This new forum is for anyone interested in massage, nursing and the combination. I am an RN working mostly ICU, Neo ICU and ER (all prn), a former travel nurse and wife and Mom. I am... Read More

  1. by   reformednurse
    A hospice patient who is 99 years old and a retired RN told me that massage therapy was part of her nursing ciricullum. Amazing how we get things right and then change them so they can be "progressive".
  2. by   reformednurse
    Unfortunately, I have heard this story before. Have you considered also selling products to boost your income? There are some excellent product lines out there both network marketing and retail products that could help your bottom line and help you clients find balance. Some therapists sell lotions and gadgets, and others sell supplements. Also, increasing your services may help. I have had a business in California for about 10 years, and I have made as much as $50,000 in one year. Have you considered opening a wellness center and having other practitioners join you? Hospice massage is fine, I do it myself one day a week, but expanding your sevices to include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc. might also help increase business.
  3. by   reformednurse
    Quote from Kails17
    i am am in nursing school in louisiana. i was so excited to come across this forum because i have a presentation to do on a career as a nursing massage therapist. i am trying to find web sites that have some information including background of the career, nursing practice considerations related to the issue, impact on healthcare, and the patients perspective. If you know of any web sites that can offer this information, i would be most appreciative. Thanks for you time.
    Bless you for trying to include healing in nursing education. I wish you the best of luck with that.
  4. by   Miss Determination
    Hi everyone,
    I am s pleased to see this thread while browsing! I am just starting out as an LPN but a few weeks before I had the urge to do a Massage Therapy course. I did not even know how well until reading all this that my two new courses would wrap together so nicely. I thank you all for the inspiration and I will continue to check this thread.
    One Love!
    Miss Determination
  5. by   Skili
    Hi Nurse Kelly...old post with you, but I am an R.N. for 30 years, just got out 1-1/2 years ago. For me, I know nursing was going to kill me before I reached retirement and I now am 1/2 way through massage school. Traditional nursing is extremely stressful as you know, and as one ages(me 54) it really has taken it's toll on me.I believe most all my health issues(now under control, were directly related to the constant stress. After much soul searching, I left,(I still keep my liscence up) even without health insurance. I decided health insurnace wasn't going to do my any good dead. Life is short and not that it is wrong to look ahead, but many retirement plans are a gamble. After cancer, I learned to live more in the moment, and what gives me a deep sense of personal pleasure. I have wanted to massage for 20+ yrs and am persuing that dream. Have you considered doing massage on a less "Nursey" level?(I know that is heard to beat that out of us oldtimers) There are so many avenues to take. I vasilate with medical/chiropracter/spa ideas. We had a panel come to school the other day, and one gal works at a cancer center. That's all she massages. She is a massage therapist(not a nurse) and she loves it. It is not hospice.It sounds awesome too. I personally am leaning more to relaxation massage and mental health aspects of it with maybe a smattering of medical(maybe I.C. out one day a week)to keep my fingers in medical. I just bought a water fountain for my home massage room, so I guess I really don't want that much to do with complaints& pain anymore, and want to emphasize wellness. This got way to long...My point, live your dream, and find a way to make your dream work for you. Good luck. Skili
  6. by   HBCnursingstudent
    Hey everyone! I'm a nursing student at UNCG! I just finished up my junior year last week and will start my nurse externship at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. I know I have another year until graduation, but this nurse massage therapy thing sounds very interesting to me! I was just do I go about getting this licensure after nursing school? I think it is like a one year program so it would be neat if I could have both certifications by age 25. What positions in a hospital or even a private practice could I hold with both these certifications? How do I found out more information about how long it will take me after nursing school to obtain this licensure? If anyone has any suggestions or answers to my questions I would appreciate it! Thanks so much and you all have a blessed weekend!
  7. by   coralreef24
    I am a RN that works in the ER, I obtained my LMT about one year ago in the state of Nebraska and was interested in medical massage....what extra schooling does it require and have you incorporated it with your nursing career??
  8. by   reformednurse
    Quote from coralreef24
    I am a RN that works in the ER, I obtained my LMT about one year ago in the state of Nebraska and was interested in medical massage....what extra schooling does it require and have you incorporated it with your nursing career??
    This varies by state, since some states don't have uniform licensing. From the programs I've looked at, you already, as an RN, have most of the "extra" training these programs offer. There are techniques that are more complex and require extra training and skill that would be useful in a medical situation. I found myofascial release (it doesn't have to be the official course as there are many cheaper versions available), PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facillitation), and targeted stretching to be most valuable to me. I also use my acupressure and energywork techniques to reduce pain and tension. Working with people who have an illness doesn't require so much extra techniques as it does common sense and a general knowledge of what is ok and what isn't based on the pathophysiology. Work with some progressive doctors to get started.
  9. by   Katee123
    Hello! I just joined this site! Wow...what a wealth of information! I am an LPN of 11 yrs. I have often thought of going to school for Massage Therapy. This forum has made the intrest even greater. Does anyone know of any good schools in Arkansas? I would appreciate any info.
  10. by   donerebecca3
    I find this really interesting. Are you implementing this within the hospital you work at or is this work outside of your working as an RN? The reason I ask is because massage therapy, therapeutic or not, is not well accepted within the hospitals ( or even outside of it, for that matter) where I live. I have been an LMT since 1999, wanting to work within the medical field (hospital setting) and it just doesn't fly. Now I am transitioning and will be applying for nursing school in a couple of months. My background is therapeutic massage, reflexology, accupressure, and reiki. I love it and so do the people I work with! Sounds wonderful what you are doing...Good luck
  11. by   donerebecca3
    I understand exactly what you are saying about the financial end of things with massage therapy. It is such a rewarding profession, yet at times, with all of the things you mentioned, it is extremely frustrating to be able to accomplish all of the things you want to do. I've been an LMT since '99 and I'm now looking into applying to nursing school so I have more opportunities and to be more financially secure. Good luck!
  12. by   happytobehere
    Very cool, I became a massage therapist so that I could work my way through nursing school.... I never thought you could put th two together.
  13. by   golden-hair

    Sorry in advance if I missed somewhere in the posts--but how long does medical massage school take after you have your BSN?

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