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Over the years, I have met many nurses with entrepreneurial spirits. They usually fall into one of 2 categories...Either, they want to continue working at least p/t as a nurse, but pursue other... Read More

  1. by   nightingale
    It is wonderful to see new ideas being discussed.. keep talking folks!

  2. by   Starkid2616
    I just happened to be in the right place at the right time I think. However I believe there are more opportunity's such as this. Email me privately so i do not break any board rules. OK? my email is
    Smallconcepts @, thanks
  3. by   Starkid2616
    Hi Nightngale just noticed the qoute at the end of your post, really cool!! very true a concepts i just learned not to long ago. What is your speciality? just curious. :angel2:
  4. by   nightingale

    I do the assortment of Med/Surg for Facilities through a few agencies (tele, ortho, women's health, and others). I also work at an assortment of other nursing areas such as Occupational Health, job fairs, and pain clinics.

    I am purposely varied to keep myself stimulated in nursing. I am often surpised to find new types of nursing I did not know about; many of these I never imagined myself doing.

    I love this type of dialogue here on AllNurses; we have such an oppourtunity to help each other grow and learn. I have benefited greatly from the ideas I have obtained from this board.

  5. by   Starkid2616
    Nightngale, You are terrific, I admire someone who is versatile. I always loved taking on new challanges. I never minded floating as i always learned. Like i said eariler in this thread it can get scarey. But we only go around once so, why not try everthing. Are those your kids in the picture?they are Beautiful. Hope you have a good nite take care.
  6. by   nightingale
    Thank you for the comliments Star. The beautiful duo is mine and thank you to the recognition of their beauty (is it hard to be humble when you are a parent or what?)...

    You have a good night yourself!

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  7. by   OB4ME
    Wow, guys! I finally had time to get over here and read all these great messages! Some great advice here!
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  8. by   nightingale

    I have edited your post. You may suggest others write to you independently (as you have already done so).

    I encourage you to discuss Entrepeneural Nursing here. We do learn a great deal from each other in this open and honest atmosphere. You may also ask to have others join you in our chat area at a certain time.

    Please do not attempt to advertise on this board or you may loose your posting priveledges.

    The Moderator of Entrepeneural Nursing

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  9. by   OB4ME
    I'm sorry! I didn't realize that I was doing anything wrong! I know not to advertise our businesses here, but didn't know that free chat groups were a problem as well (since I'm not working for the company that runs them!) I started the group after some people contacted me about it. Unfortunately, with the screen names, I didn't know WHO had emailed me privately awhile ago about getting one started (with the exception of 1, who had given both her name and her screen name).

    Again, sorry if I offended anyone!
  10. by   J. B.
    Hello All
    As an Entreprenuer Just wanted to say hello.
    I am a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and owner of Medical Legal Services of North America, Inc. I certainly became a S-Corp too and for the tax reasons and separation of my personal propert from my business.
    Over the past two years it has been challenging to market my services to Attorney's but I havent given up.
    About a year ago I fell into an opportunity to become a RN Examiner and I perform Ins Exams for applicant aplying for life/health or disability insurance. I am marketing myself to insurance Agents knowing the advantage of having a skilled RN going out and examining their clients rather than the roll of the dice so to speak. I am getting great exposure and in time the remote orders that are coming through me directly shoud increas alowing me to obtain a greater piece of the reimbursment the Ins Comp pays.
    I also have a business called Family Unlimited Networks that in effect provided me with residuals income from my Tridigital E-Commerce Business. For examiple when a customer, client, or member of mine purchases Office Supplies through my business partnership with OfficeMax, I obtain a financial credit for that traffic I created. I have established business relationship with many small business including some Doctors, Dentist, Insurance Agents, I am working on a school district in my area now.
    There isnt a family I know that doent have a computer or two in their home andtheir children use them for school and fun. The nice thing about this business is that for office products alone a singel 50 dollor purchase ( about two Ink Cartriages) and you get free next day delievery in most areas for most purchases). The convience along is creating new customers for me.
    The real cool thing about my business here is that I have no AR, AP, Liability, Returns, SHipping , Employees, Literally NO OVERHEAD). Anyone interested in Learning more?
    I have three business I am running.
    Conventional Job Recovery Room Nurse (It as job( but I look at it as a Business revenue producer and Health Producer for my family and self)
    Medical Legal Services Of North America, Inc and I am becoming a PrePaid Legal Representative. A whole new subject to discuss later..a Market that is wide open and I can answer questions on that too..
    And Family Unlimited Networks (4-FUN, Inc) my Tri-Digital E-Commerce Business which has over 120 partner stores including IBM, Disney, Sony.
    As Nurses we have numerious door before us if only we open our eyes and dream.
    Anyone interested in contacting me personally check out my web link and call me Toll Free. Just let me know you are using my toll number and I will call you back. The rates are higher using it to spend time on the phone I would gladly call you back on my penny.
    A little long winded but you asked what I do and the business I am involved with. I bet you didnt expect all this.
    Remeber Time is our most precious asset...And I give it away for free.!

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