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  1. I have been out there interviewing for different Critical Care positions and I am just turned off by the low salary that everyone offers me with my Critical Care experience. I am thinking about doing a side business to help supplement my current income so that I can pay off my student loans. My question to you wonderful nurses out there is can you please give me some ideas for what I can do in terms of a side Nursing gig. I want to open my own business which will help me make my bills while I do my full time job.

    My background: Bachelor of Business Admin

    Critical Care experience

    I am at a loss as to what kind of business I can run on the side given my education and experience.

    I do NOT want to open up a home health agency, SNF, hospice etc. I would like to do something that does not require a $100K investment to begin.

    Thank you in advance
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  3. by   NedRN
    What is your full time job?

  4. by   sonia211
    I am a bedside RN in Critical care at a hospital. I work 3 days a week so this leaves me time to do a side business to help supplement my income. Now if only I could figure out what to do . . .
  5. by   NedRN
    Picking up extra shifts would probably pay far more than anything you can on your own. Obviously you would get overtime rates if you can do that at your current job, or you work agency. One step above that is to form your own agency and cut out the middleman, and the bill rates for that should exceed your OT rates at your current employer. Zero investment required other than an insurance policy and that is what I did in travel nursing. A local agency startup is a bit more challenging as most facilities would expect you to supply more staff than just yourself. But you may find some regular shift that you can do yourself with your schedule without having to employ others (which does take some capital or a line of credit for most people).
  6. by   zahryia

    I think you should consider doing something in the geriatric field.

    Consider becoming a delegating nurse or a geriatric care manager.

    Startup is minimal for both positions but primarily the former.

    Check your Board of Nursing about the delegating nurse. The state of Maryland delineates this role well.
  7. by   passionflower
    Why are you limiting yourself to starting a nursing business unless you just absolutely love nursing and want to be consumed with it 24/7. Starting up a new business is time consuming, doing something you love helps and it does not have to be in nursing. There are all types of side businesses and franchises that bring in a little extra cash.

    I started a company where I offer workshops for teenage girls to young adults on how to use their talents to start their own businesses or choose the right college courses. Since I offer workshops I can actually teach whatever I want, but I enjoy this population and it is my stress reliever from nursing.

    Maybe you can set-up workshops or some type of school on healthy living and prevention type classes.
  8. by   NC29mom
    Ever thought about doing foot care? Im basically in the same boat as you, except my goal is to be totally self employed. Check out the foot care thread under nursing specialities on this site. Ive already started my training, and will hopefully be certified by the WOCN by next month. Start up costs should be between $500-1,000. My plan is to do care in the patients home, so wont have the overhead of a brick and mortar business. I cannot bill medicaid\medicare as a RN in my state, which is fine......they have basically stopped paying for nail trimming unless pt meets strict criteria (for podiatrist to perform) . I prefer a cash only business, and will cater to those who can afford to pay.

    If you are interested, there's an AWESOME podiatrist who has been the pushing force in getting nurses trained/ certified/ allowed to perform this service, once only performed by podiatrists. She has a training class I have attended that is incredible. She also has a business package you can purchase (I have) which is basically the entire foot/nail care business on a silver platter. It includes every form/consent/guideline you could ever dream of needing. Her name is Dr Julia Overstreet, and she is a HUGE advocate for RNs breaking into this very new field. I felt very honored to meet her, much less train beside her.

    Anyway, just a thought. If you want any further info, let me know!
  9. by   Nursepreneur
    Great topic and great question, I've been a Nurse since 2003, mostly ER. I have been working 50-60 hrs a week for the last 3 years, and let me tell you. Missing my sons tball games, my daughters school activities, and not being their for movie night or just missing a dinner together had basically burned me out!, So I started working from home, It is changing my life literally. And you know what the money is not the REAL thing that I am concerned with? It is the FREE TIME that really drives me to work from home!

    you can email me or add me to your facebook.
  10. by   Race Mom
    I ditto the field of foot care! Although I do not use a dremel drill (I use podiatric drills) so my start up costs were just under $10K, but that includes everything, right down to my business cards and bandages. You definitely can start out at less than that but $10K will get you all the tools and training you need to provide up-to-date care and the best tools for the job. Foot care needs will never go away and the more we get out there as nurses, the better our odds are of being a big provider in this awesome field!
  11. by   pski
    How much would you plan on making the first year in the business? I am very interested in foot care nursing
  12. by   cecej435
    Quote from pski
    How much would you plan on making the first year in the business? I am very interested in foot care nursing
    Bump. I am also interested in this business.
  13. by   lindarn
    You will still need a business license from the city/county, where you live and/or, will conduct you business.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN (ret)
    Somewhere in the PACNW
  14. by   milesims
    I know you said you weren't considering a home care agency, but you're very wrong with your estimate.. If you want to buy a franchise, it'll cost $100,000. But you don't need a franchise if you want a side business.

    I'm starting a non-medical home care agency in a month, and it's costing me little to nothing to open it. I got a free office at my university, a $3000 grant, and the money is just going into gas to go to client homes, advertising, and running my website. If I didn't receive a grant, it would cost me $1000 max to start up. Without a free office or my grant, it would be $500 a month + another $500 for gas, advertising and the website (upkeep).

    With 10 clients, which is very little, you have the potential to make $2500 in revenue a month (on average). Typically, an up and running home care agency has 50, so $12500 a month in revenue.