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Let's talk about this. How did you get started? This is what I did but there are many ways to get started and get info. As for me, I started with researching, asking, searching the internet, and... Read More

  1. by   lindarn
    Quote from Wa State RN
    This is in ref; JNJ-----I am a independent contractor and am contracted on a tele floor. I have been doing regular agency for 3 years now and then just went independent. It is amazing how much you get for tax write offs. My company doesn't take taxes out, so the $45.00 an hour is what I get, then I get overtime for anything over 8 hours in a day. It adds up quickly!! I have worked lots of overtime and the hospital doesn't seem to mind at this point (sometimes I do 4-5 doubles in a pay period). The money is all mine. I have paid off lots of bills and it is a wonderful way to have a "business" of your own. We are going on vacation this summer and it is all going to be written off, part of the "business", the hotel, the car, the flights, food. You do have to have a good accountant. I only pay $250.00 to mine, he works with the company for all the Independent contractors so he knows the laws. I have made more money in my 13 week contract then I have in most years!! That is no joke!! I really encourage RN's to do this. Remember one thing, you are not an employee and you have to furnish your own malpractice insurance. good luck to all!!!!!
    Washington State RN, where do you live? I would also like to work as an IC, but the hospitals here are not interested. PM me, when you have a chance. Thanks!

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
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    You definitely need a business plan no matter what size your business will be. You can google one page business plans and use that as a guide. A business plan is just that, a guide to give your business shape and direction.