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I have been interested in starting a foot care service for some time now and after reading posts from LoisJean feel this is something I can do. I would like to start out by receiving some kind of... Read More

  1. by   sunpurple
    Hi Bizi,
    Yes there are 3 of us and I'm looking for a 4th nurse to join us. We are a department of the local hospital.
    I know Canada is really far ahead of us in the foot care arena and have found their recommendations on line, but nothing for us here in the states.

  2. by   tvdvmv
    Did you receive Anne Nelson's information? Can you tell me about any classes you found out about. Thanks
  3. by   Kayekayrn45
    Emory University in Atlanta is having their next "Current Approaches to Diabetic Foot/Nail care" course on March 12 & 13 and May 21 & 22.
    You can download the info on the course and it will give you all the info you need to sign up for the course. Hope to see you there.
  4. by   roadnurse
    Hi Everyone,
    We are a nurses group on Vancouver Island just off of British Columbia (BC), Canada. We are a tight group of about 40 foot care nurses that meet once a month to support one another in education and our practices. Up until now much of the focus on foot care practice in Canada has been on eastern foot care conferences in Canada. I would really like to know what it's like for American nurses? Are you a tightly knit community? Do you have foot care groups? What about education? Conferences? The Vancouver foot care nurses group and our island group are toying with an idea of trying to organize a conference in the next couple of years either on the island or in Vancouver, but don't know if there would be any interest from the states. Does this hold any interest? It would be nice to know and hear what we could do to help each other out in each others practices since this is an emerging specialty. I don't even see that it is listed as a specialty on this site. Yet, there are clinics that abound in eastern Canada that are run solely by foot care nurses running a Foot Care Clinic specializing in foot care. I see this happening in the future with the growth in demographics. I know of a wonderful American resource person that I have found on the web, that I Googled, Laura Roehrick, a teacher and founder of a preventative diabetic foot ulcer alliance group. You are lucky!
    Anyhow, be nice to hear your thoughts and reflections.
  5. by   Smurfina
    I live in Prince George, B.C. and would be MOST interested in this....
    Are you starting a mail list .?
    I did the course at Vancouver Community College last year, and think it would be great to connect with nurses doing footcare.
    Footcare is a very independent practice here in the North, with minimal support....
    Great idea...sign me up!!
  6. by   roadnurse
    Yes, we are voting on whether to have a conference in Vancouver this June, it may be too early though to get organized.

    The other thing I'm trying to develop is a website whereby foot care nurses can find groups in their area, form groups online, or form groups in their areas by connecting online. Also use it as a hub for education, events etc. I hope to add a page for contact forms so that nurses can fill in info and we can contact the nurses when there is an upcoming conference in the area. I envision it to encompass at the moment Canada and the States. I think we could help one another since so many nurses are out on their own. So much research needs to be done as well and this could be one way to pass the research on, and stimulate more. The impetus for this idea was because of the upcoming conference, even though it may not go ahead. We are so lucky to have a 40 member group. But I can see that there are so many foot care nurses that could benefit as we do from supporting one another in our practice and our education. It's truly invaluable. We make a real difference in people's lives.
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  7. by   joemomma
    I just recently got my CFCN certification and work at our local VA Hospital in a foot clinic. I am so excited to find this thread and be able to communicate with nurses who share my enthusiasm for this aspect of nursing. Roadnurse! I was fortunate enough to meet Laura Roehrick in October and attend her training for nursing foot care along with Teresa Kelechi. What an awesome pair of nurses and teachers! I'll be checking back often! PM me anytime anyone has some new info!
    Sheri in Missouri
  8. by   footsavvy
    It would be great if you could develop such a website. I have had 3 websites in the past several years and was just not able to keep up with the work involved! It was also very expensive as I had to hire a web person to help me. A website for foot nurses is desperately needed. I have formed a nonprofit organization to help train doctors in preventive foot care for diabetics in developing countries. It is my hopes to get a grant to cover the costs of a good website and to hire someone to help keep up with it. I am getting close, and now have a few grant writers who are volunteering to help write the grant.
    For those who may be interested.... there is a diabetic foot conference coming up in March in Hollywood. For further info.... ( I am in no way involved with this conference, so I am hoping it is OK to post info. on it! ) I will be attending the first day, which is devoted to international diabetic foot topics. If anyone plans to go, let me know. There are several foot care nurses going and we should all meet up!

    Anyway..... I wish you luck with your website dream.
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  9. by   Ciege911
    Hi, new foot nurse, or will be soon. I am attending the Emory University training this May. I just started working with IHS and they have an awesome diabetic program which includes educations grp/individual, dietician, and foot care (me). I have been nursing for almost a decade but new to "foot care". If there are any tips/hints/web sites that you could post for me that would be great. I am really looking forward to this chapter of my nursing career and am excited that I have found this site/thread. I would appreciate any specific advise in regards to how to treat foot problems, equipment care and what equipment to use/purchase (IHS is very supportive in getting me what I need). Thanks again for any help.
  10. by   Deborah Clark
    Hi, I'm wondering if LoisJean ever produced the video tape she spoke about on some early pages. I'm looking to purchase a video for our library on foot care for seniors and I'm not finding many current materials. Found this site while searching the web. Thanks!!
  11. by   Ciege911
    Uncertain about the video Deborah, I have not seen anything while searching the net on foot care. If you can swing it, the Emory Foot care course was excellent and offers hands on clinical. If you could send a nurse, they will most likely be able to perform the lions share of foot care in your facility and or train others. Sadly though, one of their educators has moved to Florida. If you do happen to come across a video--please post. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   Deborah Clark
    Hi Ciege, I actually work in a library that serves the long term care community in the province of Alberta. We also provide materials to educators training staff to work in LTC, so we do actually have a few training videos for foot care, but nothing current. One of our videotapes came back mangled last week so I'm trying to replace it, just not finding anything out there and was very hopeful when I saw a post that said someone here was producing one. MAVC (Medical Audiovisual Communications) does actually have a couple of videos that we have here in our collection: Foot Assessment and Care; and Hand, Foot and Nail Care. The second has been updated and we'll probably get it but I was hoping for more. Did the Emory foot care course use videos? Thanks!!
  13. by   lanideleon
    Quote from azverte
    Foot care is so important because improper or insufficient care can lead to amputation and loss of independence. WE know this but do the payers appreciate this enough to pay for these services? BUT, if the patient is diabetic (and who ISN'T anymore?)while you are there assessing, teaching, caring, you also measured the foot, ordered some diabetic shoes and inserts and billed Medicare - well NOW you're worth your while with the income to prove it.
    I love nursing but I also love to eat and appreciate that roof over my head. I am SO glad I started this diabetic shoe business. The products are medical equipment and NEED to be paired with care and teaching. This is perfect a perfect business for a nurse with entrepreneurial talent. I recommend it.
    Hi, I just want to find out , was it very hard for you to get a provider no. so you can bill medicare and medicaid? Can you please tell me how you did it? thanks.