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  1. Any footcare nurses out there?
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  3. by   christianRN
    Is that really a specialty? EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
  4. by   emily_mom
    Sorry, I don't even like my own feet...
  5. by   adrienurse
    Not my cup of tea, but yes there are. Maybe it's just a Canadian thing? Are any of you certified to give foot care?I don't know much about it, but I have some questions -- Like what can a Podiatrist do, that a Certified Footcare Nurse cannot? How do you know who to send your patients with toenail problems to?
  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    I've got your back, Adrie! Yes, I hate feet, but I love the difference foot care makes. I'm not certified, and to be honest, foot care by a someone not a doctor or a wound/skin care nurse is frowned upon in my facility, but when the only nurse certified (who is only hired for 20 hours per week and also covers all ostomy care) isn't available, SOMEONE'S gotta do it...
  7. by   adrienurse
    We've got foot care audits coming up. I've been trying my hand at it, but I want to know what I should and should not be touching. By the way, if regular footcare is done on a weekly basis, things are soooo much less complicated! [bangs head on wall]. Problem is our CNS is not trained in footcare either (will be in February), Podiatrists are an issue also because we've had some "concerns" about the work of some of the ones who do house calls.
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  8. by   Nurse Ratched
    (1) Don't touch diabetics. Just a bad idea no matter how well-meaning we are - I'm very comfortable in my skill at it, but ya gotta draw the line somewhere.

    (2) Cut straight across. I have a nice pair of clippers that ran about 18 bucks at a local beauty supply store that looks more like a pair of pliers. Boy do they wrap around those big ol' fungal nails, tho!

    If I have time, I use the emory board to get off some of the edges.

    I'm sure I'm doing it all wrong from the "official way" but I've never had any problems.

    BTW - LOVE your new avatar!
  9. by   florry
    Hello out there!

    Yes, some of you are asking if that is some nursing care.....

    I will tell you that working with dementia patients i have i lot and good experience with foot care! In our nursing planning we can order foot-bathing x 3, just for calming, caring. I dont mean foot-therapy doing by certified personell, and of course thoose with diabetes, low trombocyttes and other medical none-indicatitions discussed together by the doctor, it really works. Smooth massaging was a great thing for this patienst!
  10. by   adrienurse
    Wow Florry. You must work in a wonderful place. I've always thought that we North Americans needed to pay more attention to the way you Scandanavians work with the demented population. I'm sure I could learn a lot from you.
  11. by   LoisJean
    I am a foot care nurse. I have been providing this care for 12 years and for the past 7 years have been working FULL TIME as a foot care provider under my own business name. I provide foot care in private homes, senior citizen apartments, and senior centers. I am contracted with my State's Mediciaid Waiver Program to provide foot care as a private duty nurse and am paid through Medicaid for service to these people; the majority of my clients pay out of pocket.

    I ESPECIALLY provide foot care for people with diabetes. People who receive my care are those who suffer with pvd and other disease processes which require blood thinning medications; I provide foot care for those who have poor eyesight; suffer Parkinson's and the complications of cvas; have arthritic conditions and many, many other problems which makes self trimming of toenails dangerous- if not impossible.

    I have taken what I consider to be a basic nursing procedure and made it my business to see to it that every one who is in need of it gets it. I obtain referrals from physicians, home health care nurses, Area Agencies on Aging and a whole lot of 'word of mouth'. I have never advertised my business--the care provided has spoken for itself.

    I am not going to go into a long discourse about all that I do in a day--so let me give you one example that happened today at one of my foot care clinics: a gentleman presented with a description of pain on the tip of his 3rd toe, left foot. Observation and assessment noted severe hammering of the 3rd left toe and subluxation of the 2nd left toe. A necrotic ulcer at a Stage II had formed at the tip of the 3rd toe d/t pressure; a deep corn had formed between the 2nd and 3rd toes, again d/t pressure. The 3rd toe was swollen and red from the 2nd joint to the tip of the toe; the nail bed was blanched and the nail itself, having become soft and spongy was sloughing off. This indicated to me a possible osteomyalitis--
    This gentleman is a type II diabetic. He has peripheral neuropathy- (I impliment the filiment test to determine neuropathy on all new clients with diabetes and symptoms of pvd.) He was not aware of the condition of his toe-only that he could "feel a bump and it really hurt". He thought it had been about 6 weeks since he'd noticed the pain--thought it was "just arthritis and it would go away".

    I provided his foot care, cleansed the toe tip and padded it; I called his physician and gave report; the doctor wanted to see him right away; I put a copy of my notes into an envelope, gave it to him and sent him off to his doctor's office. When I got home there was a message for me from the physician saying that he had admitted this man to the hospital and had ordered a surgical consult. I can only hope that intervention happened soon enough to prevent a very bad situation from amputation.

    I am glad that someone opened up this thread. I don't offen check out the geriatric nursing site--glad I did today. By the way, I am a veteran of LTC nursing--having had 7 years experience as a charge nurse.

    If anyone has questions regarding foot care nursing services and the how's and why's of what I do, please don't hesitate to PM me.

    Lois Jean
  12. by   hoolahan
    I was wondering when you would pop in here LJ!

    Lois Jean is an angel, and has provided me w a lot of info about her business. I am still thinking about doing it myself! If anyone is serious about this, Lois is THE one to help you.

    (Now Lois, empty out your pm box, b/c I think you will be getting a lot of inquireis! )
  13. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Yes, it most certainly is. I have about a year and a half of foot care experience and actually quite enjoy it. More than any other type of nursing I have done, it is just amazing to see instant fruits of your labor and so very rewarding to hear a client tell me how much better she/he feels after having that "ingrown" toenail pulled out, corns/calluses reduced, and having a nice foot rub.
  14. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Quote from hoolahan
    I was wondering when you would pop in here LJ!

    Lois Jean is an angel, and has provided me w a lot of info about her business. I am still thinking about doing it myself! If anyone is serious about this, Lois is THE one to help you.

    (Now Lois, empty out your pm box, b/c I think you will be getting a lot of inquireis! )
    Lois, do you have a sticky somewhere that describes the basics of what you did to get your business going? So far, I have business cards and handbills made up, but dread the marketing part...TIA!