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Interesting Article on Switching Gears on the Dr. Homefront. Why can we not do something like this? Come on Entrepreneurs! Let's hear some feedback: ... Read More

  1. by   sherese
    Hi all

    This thread has really gotten me excited...Are there any nurses living in NYC that are seriously thinking of doing this kind of service?

    I would love to be an independant homecare sound like the best biz opp for nurses available now....

    Is there any training guides that can teach us how to do this?
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    Now couldn't WE, as Nurses, come up with Nurse Services? Anyone doing this?

    One example: Primary Homecare Housecall Practice
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  3. by   NPinWCH
    In my small community, we have a doc who does not take insurance or medicaid/care. He quit several years ago and staffs his office with 1 part time secretary and his wife, an RN. Not only did he not lose any customers, but he has gained quite a following. He also will do house calls.

    He has full privileges at our hospital. Your insurance pays the hospital, and you receive a bill from him for his services. Once you pay him, you can submit a reimbursment form to your insurance and they will reimburse you for those services.

    We also have several NPs who set up an "After Hours Family Practice"...sort of an urgent care. They charge $25/ visit, which is less than my insurance co-pay, and from what I know they are doing quite well.