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Hi all,

I am a new member to this site but, have found information from here through various google searches throughout the years. I am entering my final semester of nursing school next month and I am a bit fearful. I am in a 4 year BSN program. My lecture courses were challenging but I have definitely kept up and feel satisfied with my coursework. However, I find myself not able to fully retain all the information learned over the past couple years. I have passed all my exams and my benchmark exams as well (well above the national mean too). I don't know if I am just doubting my abilities or knowledge. This last semester I am fearful of my preceptorship. My clinical rotations have been both eventful and uneventful. I don't feel I gained as much experience as I would like and I am definitely feeling unprepared. This was my first summer where I did not need to take any classes for my degree requirements. I enjoyed my time off, I purchased some NCLEX study guides and started reading them only to find myself feeling even more unprepared. It's as if everything I learned I am now having to relearn. In an effort to accomplish some skills, I enrolled in a 2 week Phlebotomy Technician course which I have passed and will be starting an internship next week at Quest Diagnostics in order to fulfill my certification requirements. I am excited for the experience and am hoping that this will in some way help me in the clinical setting for nursing. I know everyone has different experiences and some people do go out and are fortunate enough to find work study and other experiences that help them as they progress through the program. But, I'm wondering if I am alone in these feelings. If what I feel is normal and if I am overreacting. I've heard many instructors and other nursing students say that nursing school prepares for the exam and clinicals provide a glimpse of what it will be like to work in a hospital but, as a new grad entering the work place, you aren't really expected to know it all and have it all down. That the on the job training you receive in the first months of work are where you will really learn to be a nurse.

Thanks for reading!

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Wow! I completely agree and understand. I am entering my last year of my BSN program and this has been my first summer off and I also bought a new NCLEX study guide and feel like I am forgetting stuff. I just feel like I should know more by now, how can I possibly be a senior? I feel scared about graduating, and I have 2 semesters left so with 1 I know I'ld be even more nervous.

I'm scared to death of my final semester. I graduate from my ADN program in December & I feel like I've forgotten everything already! I've scored well on exams & mid-curricular HESI, but I'm feeling really unprepared. And I'm trying to study now so I won't fall behind but can't seem to get my head in the game. What to do??

I am also entering my last semester and its had to believe that this journey is almost over but has yet just begun. I'm scared that i have l forgot all that i have learned and how to do some of my skills. but i am trying to review before classes start.

Right there with you.

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I'm starting my last semester in an ADN program on Aug 21. I'm excited and scared all at the same time. Excited bc it's almost the end and scared that I will mess up and not make it to the end. I'm just gonna continue to pray my way through it. I wish you all the best through your last semester.

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OP, my thoughts exactly. I think this is 100% normal a feeling to have right now. Closing one chapter, opening another, that kind of thing, ya know. I have wondered about the whole forgetting stuff I have learned, and then thought, "But 97% of my schoolmates pass the NCLEX first try, I doubt if they were THAT much smarter than me". Hang in there, you made it this far......

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