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Enter an asn program in fall 2021 or a BSN program in Spring 2022?


My ultimate end goal is to get a BSN and work for a clinic or health dept preferably. I wonder if its best to just get an associates and transfer to a university, or enroll in an ADN and start working ans earn my BSN part time.The CC I am attending is an hour away from where I live which is slightly an obstacle.

With the ADN I am concerned with cramming my prerequisites for fall 2021...I would only be able to take a&p1 this fall before I would have to take the TEAS to make it in time for fall 2021.

I also want to apply for the nurse corps to hopefully cover my BSN...I currently have a 4.0 and worry about cramming courses with bad professors and jeopardizing my GPA. I am also on the older side,27, so I anticipate ill be 29-31 depending which route I take. Any insights?

scribblz, BSN, CNA, LPN

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I would go for the ADN and bridge online to BSN while working.

TMCNurse23, BSN, RN

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So it depends upon your situation and vision in nursing later down the road. I know most hospitals only hire BSN and won't even look at ADN unless they sign a contract saying they will take classes while working to achieve their BSN. And I went to go get my BSN, and the best students from my class were alot older and there were some that are 40+ and there's nothing wrong with that! at the end they all care about helping saving lives 🙂