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I recently completed the ENPC course and have previously taken PALS. If fell that you really need both of these courses, but others in my department feel that ENPC is all that you need. I want them to make it mandiatory that everyone has PALS, the same as needing ACLS. What are your thoughts about this?




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never took encp so i don't know? already have pals, acls, bls, tncc, cen, micn......plus a few more things the hospital requires us to have like certification in being designated requestors and non-viollent crisis intervention, etc etc.

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I my own opinion all ER nurses should have PALS and ACLS by the end of their first year of ER nursing. These courses specialize in Emergent treatment in life threatening situations.

I loved my ENPC course because Ped's was never one of my favoriate topics therefore my knowledge base was limited. They teach in a fun/hands on way about the normal day to day Peds illnesses and injuries you will face. I came out of that course much more confortable in my Ped's assessment and intervention abilities.

Our ER is a level 2 trauma center so the trauma we see is usually the drop off at the door and run type. TNCC increased my skill level to deal with these patients more effectively.

All of these courses increase awareness, give new skills, and give the self confidence to use these skills.

At the present time our hospital has several of our senior staff in training to become instructors of these classes. OUR GOAL------

As a new nurse comming to the ER for the first time you need an ER core class and cpr. By your 1st evaluation you will be expected to have both ACLS and Pals, By the second year ENPC is expected with TNCC to follow shortly afterwards.

This gives the staff member the required CEU's needed at evaluation time, it staggers renewal, and most importantly as they grow within our ER family they become more self-confident in their ability to handle what ever pop's up.

Those who do well and show intrest will also be offered instructor training.

The end results for the unit???You have a more team oriented staff who take pride in their work and take pride in teaching and precepting. As new staff come in they are surrounded by a team who works well together and who place an extra emphasis on precepting and teaching.


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ok still????????????? encp??????????????

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I just signed up for ENPC...I'll have to try to remember to post up the topics that are covered. But for now, I'm off to bed - this is my weekend on! :rolleyes: :p


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PALS, TNCC and ENPC, ACLS of course should absolutely be required. I also wish I had had some kind of refresher general pediatric course when I went from adult medical+cardiac to ER because after 2 years in the ER I am still not really comfortable with peds. I don't have kids myself, maybe that would help.

I think they make PALS and ACLS, and ENPC too damn easy. There's no incentive to really study for it , because everyone knows they're going to pass.


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ENPC and PALS are both excellent courses and should BOTH be highly recommended to take to perform well in the ER. One ED I worked also required NALS -- another "must" IMHO. In 7 yrs, I've only used it twice, but I was thanking God that I had had it both times....

IMHO, all ED RN's (esp Charge) should get every certification; it only makes us all better at our jobs, and more credible if involved in any legal disputes.

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Ok, NALS, you got me there. Best guess would be Neonatal Advanced Life Support. If I'm right I really need to find that course. We have no OB/GYN dept. in the hopsital so if a mother (usually 15-19 years old with no pre-natal care except what she has got in different ER's) comes in to our ER ready to POP...there is no where to send her in less that 30-45 minutes including transport.

So we all get dressed up, and those that pray,,do just that and those who are more confortable cussing quitely in a corner do just that.

When the Momma screams and the doctor yells we do what we do best. We just get in there and deal with it the best way we can. Luckily the only babies we've ever lost were born dead (no fetal heart rate on arrival of the mother). All the others we have been able to stabilize and ship out to an appropriate facility with their mother.

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