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Help! I need an online course that Excelsior will take in place of the English 201 course. I need to be able to finish the course in a little time as possible. Can anyone offer suggestions?


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I'm thinking you are talking about the expository writing course for the BSN? A member on this forum named TiffyRN told me recently in a post of mine that there is a writing class offered by BYU, and that may be the only substitute EC will take. This class is called ENG 312 Persuasive Writing , it is self paced and it is MUCH cheaper than EC. You might want to do a search on here for more info on this class and look on the BYU website. I plan on taking it myself this fall sometime. Good Luck!:up:

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I took the BYU course in May of 2013. There is also a course offered by LSU, and others. You simply need to ask for a list of acceptable alternatives and your advisor should provide you with those. Be sure to request approval BEFORE you sign up elsewhere because EC's curriculum changes all the time. What was acceptable last year or even yesterday may not be acceptable today or tomorrow. EC gives notice when a course (of theirs) is about to change, not necessarily for other courses elsewhere...

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The previous poster gives the best advice; always check with EC first about outside courses. When I went through you could take Information Literacy through Penn Foster and I recommended it several times (at a cost of $70 versus hundreds from EC). Then a year or so after I completed it, EC stopped accepting it.

FWIW, the EC course is perfect preparation for the exact kind of papers you will write all the way through the BSN courses at EC.

hey sheliamd,

did you start the Engl 312 with BYU?


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No, not yet. Plan to start next week. I was told that I could turn assignments in back to back, so it should not take long to complete the course.


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For anyone that's on the fence about which one to take, the BYU class is $700 cheaper than EC's expository writing class. If help with the APA format is needed, here's a link that will tell you everything you need to know about the APA format...



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Hi all,

Struggling with this BYU English, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!! I wonder where I can get help with the essays I am not great on writing and to be persuasive!

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I don't recall your mentioning writing not being a strong suit of yours. BYU doesn't teach APA or MLA format...you have to already have a grasp on these. As disheartening as it may sound, Excelsior's 201 course might be more beneficial to you since they do 'teach' you how to write quality papers...something that you are definitely going to need if you hope to pass the BSN program because ALL of the nursing courses require papers to be written in APA format.

Aside from the actual production of the paper, you have to develop your own thoughts on the subject at hand and try to convince your readers why you feel they should accept what you're saying in your paper. In other words, you have a topic and you've got to prove your point in a professional manner by using various quotes as evidence to support your views. This writing course is just a preview of each and every one of the papers you will write in your pursuit of the BSN.

As as difficult as it sounds, it is actually quite simple: state your point of view and back it up (using correct grammar and punctuation...4 pages worth). There is no right or wrong answer in your viewpoint....only in how you write it out. My suggestion is that you hand-write you paper first. Then, using the resource from one of the previous posts above (medic85907), go back and edit your paper until it has all of the proper statements in quotes, commas, etc.

I hope this helps.