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hi there,

my name is vincent, a nurse for 5 1/2 years, and working in a big hospital in antwerp, belgium. now i'm getting my bachelors degree in nursing and for that i need an article, in english, about obesity. this may also include the treatment, nursing... etc. of obesity.

is there someone who has an article about obesity from an american, australian, english or where ever professional magazine who can help me out by sending met this. that would be so great.

most preferrably the article can't be older than 2003.

thanks for reading this and hopefully there is someone who can help me out on this.

all the best to my collegues around the world!

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your school should have access provided for you to some good databases, online or at their library. I use EBSCO alot, its very easy and you just type in a subject word and check that it be 2003 or sooner for your search criteria. If you have never used these databases a librarian should be able to help. I am sure there is a ton out there.

Good luck!!

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Check out BBC's online site, they've had plenty of articles on the obesity epidemic over the years. Just do a search on their site, putting in the keyword 'obesity'


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Thanks everyone for your tips.

My school does have databanks for articles, but they´re all in Dutch. That´s why I need an English Databank.


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